Romantic + Moody Princess-Inspired Editorial
January 22, 2016
Mid Atlantic
Fall Weddings
Combining rustic, earthy elements with moody romantic touches, this inspiration photo shoot from Bethany Snyder Photography is a modern day fairytale. From Meant To Be Calligraphy's gorgeous emerald green word art to Top Knot Studio's romantic hairstyles complete with gorgeous tiaras, every detail in this editorial is fit for a princess. See it all in THE VAULT!
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From Bethany Snyder Photography... We all love a good story, especially when it ends with a white dress. Unlike most love stories, this one focuses on the love and honor for ourselves rather than the romance of another. This princess bride grew up on a beautiful estate surrounded by jewels and pretty things. In the midst of all she once knew and loved, there began an unfamiliar call within. It beckoned her to discover something deeper, something untamed. From there she followed the soft whispers that led her into the uncharted territories of her heart. The more she pursued them the more she found herself woven and spun in a harmony of elegance and wild abandon. She let down her hair and let the rain fall on her face. With bare feet she walked the wet ground and embraced the wind as it caught her dress as in a wild and natural dance. There she found a love more palpable than flesh and bone. There she met her true self.

We wanted to tell the story of this bride's journey in the photos by uniting glamorous, sparkling details with natural earthy accents. We chose wild greenery and flowing fabrics that catch the wind, as if by magic, to symbolize her discovery. Beautiful emerald greens and soft grays were intertwined with all the details to mimic the earthy accents, and dark purple and gold to symbolize her royal background.

Some of the little details we hope you notice are the two different dresses sewn by personally by Greta, the DIY earth box holding the vintage gold ring, the little vines imprinted on the semi-naked caked wrapped in wild greenery, the gorgeous handwritten calligraphy written in emerald ink, the several crowns and tiaras used in her hair, the soft vintage ribbons adorning many of the detail shots, the perfect combination of wild and elegant greens for the bouquet/centerpiece, the brilliant change of hair styles through out the session and some of the old antique items (such as the books and photograph) to symbolize her past self.

These photos were shot with a hybrid of both medium format film on a Contax 645 and digital.

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