Wedding 101: The New Rules of Engagement Ring Etiquette
January 14, 2016
It's 2016, and the world is (thankfully) more modern than ever. But there are still some notions stuck in the past—like, the rules of engagement rings. Thankfully, our friends at Who What Wear are dispelling the outdated myths and giving them a much-needed update for the modern 21st Century bride-to-be. From social media to money, these are the new etiquette rules of engagement rings in 2016.


Yes, You Can Help Pick Out the Ring

Tradition dictates that the proposer shops for the ring and surprises his or her intended with the bauble as a gift, but many modern women (and men!) would prefer to have some say in the style of the ring. And in 2016, that's totally fine; you can go shopping together, suggest designers, send inspiration, whatever you like. After all, if you're the person wearing it, you should like it!

Splitting the Cost of the Ring is OK

Tradition stipulates that the proposer pays for the ring. But since ideally you are entering into a partnership with someone who you consider your equal, why not also share equal responsibility, re: the purchase of the ring? Of course, if you want to be gifted the ring, there's nothing wrong with that, but if you do want to help pay, the gesture will likely be appreciated.

Think Carefully Before Posting a Close-Up of Your Bling

This one's a toughie, because the ubiquitous presence of sites like Facebook and Instagram make it very tempting to post a shot of your beloved rock as soon as it's on your finger. But, posting a close-up shot of just the ring is in poor taste; instead, post a more zoomed-out photo of your hand in the hand of your betrothed. That way, loved ones can see your ring without it being the central focus.

If You Dislike the Ring, You Can Say So

If your proposer surprises you with an engagement ring and you don't absolutely love it, you have every right to express that opinion—but do so graciously and politely. Offer to help pick out a replacement, and even pay for it, if need be.

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