Modern Star Galaxy Wedding Inspiration
January 13, 2016
Summer Weddings
Every now and then you've got to shake things up, and what better way to do it than with an inspiration shoot from CCL Weddings? Designed with a modern edge- think ghost chairsgeometric details and unexpected pops of color, this is not your run-of-the-mill photo gallery. A big thank you to The Great Romance for the pretty imagery, and without further adieu, let's head to The Vault!
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From CCL Weddings...After taking a hike through the Hollywood Hills on a warm Southern California night, we were inspired by the nature that surrounded us, in all of its unadulterated flawlessness. We sought to find something that could represent the vast, infinite, and ethereal love that couples have for one another. Naturally, we looked up to the ever-boundless night sky with its countless stars perfectly written into it. Thus was born, Faye and Avery with a love that is forever Written in the Stars. Our concept was to bring in the variation of shapes in the constellations from Orion to Cetus with pops of colors, and still create an overall whimsy and fun environment.

The pops of neon yellow against the dark plums and purples accentuates the brilliance of finding love in the most unexpected places. We wanted to find details that brought out the modern elegance of our couple as well as their wild, adventurous spirits.

We knew that the style of this shoot was a lot more edgy than most weddings are, so we wanted to find a dress that was clean and modern and most definitely trending: crop tops from the fabulous Vivian Chan! The designer herself created a light lavender skirt for a portion of the shoot to tie in the ethereal feel and that subtle pop of color.

The watercolor splattered throughout the shoot was an element that we wanted to mimic the undulating ebb and flows of the stars in the galaxies. Adding smoke bombs to create a physical representation of that was the icing on the cake! Who could resist playing with smoke bombs?

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