SMPwedding101: When to Toss or Tidy Your Makeup
January 8, 2016
From crumbling eyeshadows, to long gone lipsticks, it's time to clean up, refresh, and renew. That's right, today we're overhauling that hefty bag of makeup madness into something a little more polished and pretty. Which is why we've enlisted the talented Lisette Bugeja to help us clean house. Read on for her tips below on why (and when) you should say bye-bye and toss that tinted concealer and beyond, below!


Lifespan: 3-4 months.
I know, we all don't finish that quickly, but scary things can happen that tube if used over time! Best to be safe and avoid any haphazards and replace your mascara tubes every 3-4 months.

Translucent Powder + Bronzer + Blush

Lifespan: 12-18 months.
After a year these powders can lose their application fluidity and ease. Anything stored for your face that you have used, after time, can cause skin problems. Bacteria finds its way and spoils like everything else!


Lifespan: 6-12 months.
Whatever you do, don't share your lipstick. I don't have to explain that! There are undeniably countless types of lip options. I find for me, the Big Fat Lip Crayons, are so easy. They don't crack( how many times has that happened? Mid application half the lipstick is now broken and on the floor), do not melt, so easy to find and distinguish their color, and application is a breeze! So many deep rich colors, or sheer if that's your preference!


Lifespan: 6-12 months.
There are so many types of foundations and some can last longer than others. I'd say your liquids are more prone to change in their color if they're in glass while creams and foundation sticks have little longer shelf life. Anything that you've had for over a year should not be put on your face. Perfect example? I was doing a wedding trial, the bride insisted I used her foundations since she hardly ever used it, and she insisted. I asked how long she had the product and it turned out it was 1/12 (should this be 1.5 years?) years. I tried to explain the hazards, but since the Bride-to-be insisted I obliged and as soon as the foundation touch her skin, that her face became red and slightly blistered. Of course I was mortified. Moral of the story, toss your foundation if it's more than a year old!

Eyeliner pencils

Lifespan: 18-24 months.
Keep your pencils in tip top shape by keeping them sharpened and clean. I've seen sties happen from not taking care. You don't want this to happen - very painful and not cute!

In Conclusion

When in doubt, replace what needs replacing. Furthermore, since winter is fast approaching a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid (not as scary as it sounds) is an absolute must! This acid is finally getting the attention it's due because it binds to and absorbs water, giving fullness and plumpness to the skin! Also, I can't say it enough, always carry sun block in your bag throughout the year. Finally, do yourself a favor and make your makeup routine easier by investing in a clear makeup bag - no time for digging around for what you need since you can see it!
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