Classic Wedding Songs That We're Still Dancing To
January 5, 2016
2015 has come and gone, but these chart-topping tunes are going nowhere. From poppy dance anthems to heartfelt melodies, these are the songs we guarantee you'll be hearing at weddings for years to come! Dancing shoes not included.

"Thinking Out Loud," by Ed Sheeran

We're just going to go ahead and say it—this song takes the cake for the best first dance song of the decade. With Ed Sheeran's smooth-as-velvet voice and lyrics that hit you straight in the heart, we have a feeling we'll be hearing this song at weddings "till we're 70" ;)

Favorite Lyrics: Take me into your loving arms/Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars/Place your head on my beating heart/I'm thinking out loud/Maybe we found love right where we are

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"Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding

Originally gracing our ears on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack, this poppy power ballad has been stuck in our heads (with good reason) ever since. Sultry, sweet and totally enchanting, this song is guaranteed to have guests singing along.

Favorite Lyrics: Fading in, fading out/On the edge of paradise/Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've got to find/Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire

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"Coming Home," by Leon Bridges

Reminiscent of oldies like The Temptations and Marvin Gaye, Leon Bridges' crooning in "Coming Home" is the perfect first dance choice for those lovebirds looking to slow things down a little bit.

Favorite Lyrics: Baby, baby, baby/I'm coming home/To your tender sweet loving/You're my one and only woman

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"Die A Happy Man," by Thomas Rhett

We're trying not to swoon too hard here, but "Die A Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett might just be our new favorite song. With lyrics that could more or less double as the most romantic vows ever, this guitar-accompanied melody is perfect for a sweet and slow first dance.

Favorite Lyrics: And I know that I can't ever tell you enough/That all I need in this life is your crazy love/If I never get to see the Northern lights/Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night/Oh if all I got is your hand in my hand/Baby I could die a happy man yeah

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"Like I'm Gonna Lose You," by Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

Other than the fact that Meghan Trainor and John Legend's voices are basically a match made in heaven, this sweet and soulful tune will urge you to hold your honey a little closer (and maybe even sneak a few extra kisses) during the big moment! Win, win if you ask us.

Favorite Lyrics: So I'll kiss you longer baby/Any chance that I get/I'll make the most of the minutes/And love with no regrets

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"Love You Like That," by Caanan Smith

Country fans, rejoice! Caanan Smith's sweet-as-honey lyrics will have you thinking of summer nights and the very first kiss you shared with your sweetie. And what better way to kick off the first dance of the rest of your life?

Favorite Lyrics: Deeper than a sunset sky/Sweeter than muscadine wine/All night 'til the sun comes back/I wanna love, wanna love, wanna love you like that

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"Shut Up & Dance," by Walk The Moon

With fun-filled lyrics you can't help but belt out and a beat to match, this song will have everyone from the littlest flower girl to grandma up and dancing.

Favorite Lyrics: Oh don't you dare look back/Just keep your eyes on me/I said you're holding back/She said shut up and dance with me/This woman is my destiny

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"Hold My Hand," Jess Glynne

Grab your honey's hand and practice your best spin moves, because this poppy dance anthem is the perfect entrance song.

Favorite Lyrics: Darling, hold my hand/Oh, won't you hold my hand?/Cause I don't wanna walk on my own anymore/Won't you understand? Cause I don't wanna walk alone/I'm ready for this, there's no denying/I'm ready for this, you stop me falling

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"Can't Feel My Face," by The Weeknd

Get ready to dance the night away with this Michael Jackson-esque hit. Plus, watching guests' reactions to the best man trying hit those high notes? Well, that's just priceless.

Favorite Lyrics: I can't feel my face when I'm with you/But I love it, but I love it

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"Uptown Funk," by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

With lyrics that never get old and a beat that doesn't quit, "Uptown Funk" is practically a no-brainer for your wedding day. Just don't be surprised when every guest (including gram and gramps) breaks out his or her very best moves.

Favorite Lyrics: Come on, dance, jump on it/If you sexy then flaunt it/If you freaky then own it/Don't brag about it, come show me

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BONUS: "Hotline Bling," by Drake

Because your wedding party will have way too much fun recreating Drake's legendary dance moves. And hey, who knows, maybe even the Dads will get in on the action...

Favorite Lyrics: Call me on my cell phone/Late night when you need my love/I know when that hotline bling/That can only mean one thing

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