San Juan Capistrano Wedding + Hayley Paige Sweetheart Dress
January 1, 2016
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There's far too much pretty in this soiree to wrap up in a short and sweet intro, so I'm to stick to the detail of this day that strikes my fancy: That. Hayley Paige. dress. It's timeless, flowing and has a twirl-factor for the books. She wears it so well and I might add, it's the perfect match for a garden wedding of this caliber. Intrigued? There's more waiting in THE VAULT thanks to Honey Honey Photography.
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From The Bride...Tony and Diana met in Viva Las Vegas! Diana was traveling the world at the time and took a small break to go home to California for 3 weeks. Within that time, she went to Las Vegas with girlfriends while he was there for a bachelor party. Tony lived in Orange County while Diana resides in The Bay Area. 7 months later was when they reunited for the first time when Tony drove all the way to San Jose just so he can take Diana out on a date.

First date went well and continued with weekly back and fourth traveling. 6 months later, he realized he couldn’t stay away so he packed his bags, rented a uHaul and moved to the beautiful Silicon Valley. 2 years later, he asked for her hand in marriage and she said yes!

Diana wanted a simple, yet chic and romantic look. She loved the outdoor garden feel and fell in love with the venue at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano. Found Rentals delivered a beautiful blush tufted love seat to go with a 6 foot rustic wood table decorated with lace and candles galore. Who wouldn't want to sit under the stars and flower terrarium globes in such style? Diana and Tony danced on what looked like clouds to Endless Love which was the highlight of the day. Their talented videographer filmed a music video in which the couple got all of the wedding guests involved. There was a ton of lip synching and ended with a flash mob dance. This was definitely the highlight of the night!

From the Bride... My advice for future brides planning a wedding would be not to procrastinate. Do your research and book your vendors early! Make tons of lists, get organized and always ask for help. Groom, bridesmaids, family members and friends are all willing to lend a hand. Getting a great day-of coordinator makes a world of difference. We didn't have a thing to worry about on our special day and that left more time to have fun and remember the day. Last advice is to just let go, be in the moment and have loads of fun on your wedding day.


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