Intimate + Organic Tuscan Villa Elopement
December 31, 2015
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I dare you not to blush at this alluring elopement from Thecablookfotolab. The mini boudoir session alone was enough to reel me in, complete with a dreamy lace robe from Ann Summers. What is it about a perfect lace robe?! And when those super intimate I do's hit the page? It's all over. It doesn't end here loves, there's more to pore over in THE VAULT.
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From Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab... This beautiful wedding was a dream and challenge for me at the same time. I was both: event planner, stylist and photographer. I was so happy to spend hours and hours searching for the most breathtaking location for my couple. I (with a help of my team) organised the ceremony and shooting on one of the most beautiful tuscan villas - Palazzo Pfanner. I can say that I shot there one of the most beautiful boudoir sessions ever - in the old part of villa where the lemon trees were growing many years ago. We had hundred candles and beautiful light from the big windows, gorgeous antique furniture from Corydon, simple and chic florals from Bianco Weddings, elegant MUAH from Lidija Malinovskaja... All was so perfect that I couldn't ask for more. My heart was crying from happiness when I saw Julia's tears during the oath. This is a perfect example of how you can spend your perfect day without guests, sharing your happiness only between you two in such a beautiful and intimate way.

From The Bride... Like all girls from childhood I dreamed of a fairy tale. No, not of a prince on a white horse who's gonna save me from somewhere, but of simple human love for life. Moreover, there was a perfect example before my eyes - my parents.

My husband and I met in the fall. And it wasn't love at first sight. No tragedy worthy for novels. We met for a long time and talked a lot. And just before the New Year in December Kostya started the "conquering part". I want to note that he was very active. So much active that less than a month after we started to live together.

I always had flowers in our home, then our beloved cat appeared, we changed apartments and town. Year followed year. The white stripe was replaced by black, scandals - reconciliation. In general, we lived and were happy.

I never thought that someone would love me so much. Just for what I am. And certainly I never thought that I could love someone so much. So he proposed to me on the 46th floor of a nice hotel, almost under the clouds. With a huge bouquet of red roses. Of course I agreed.

I always knew that I will never have the normal average wedding!! I couldn't imagine me sitting in the center of the room with my husband and all the relatives from all over the country around us. No... And so there was no doubts we needed a wedding for two. The question was only the choice of the location. I knew exactly that it should be in Europe. France or Italy. Nothing could be more romantic. But the choice was made by itself when I met Darya Kamalova from Thecablookfotolab. She did both: wedding planning and pictures of our wedding. She lives in Italy and she offered me magnificent places to choose from. And Italy firmly sunk into my soul.

And then it was simple. I started preparations. I chose a dress (Sonesta) and shoes (casadei) of my dreams. Suit (tommy hilfinger) for my husband. We chose the location. Flowers and furniture. Make-up artist and videographer. Everything went so fast that I did not have time to notice, as we were already in Italy and I was in a wedding white dress walking towards him on the road made of small pebbles surrounded by lemon trees. Our oaths to each other. A small tear of happiness from my eyes. And here we are husband and wife. It was the most perfect day. I will never forget Lucca and beautiful villa Pfanner. The day passed quickly, reviewing photos and video I dip into this atmosphere. And I can't help smiling. And it seems to be repeated again and again.

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