How To Pop Open a Bottle of Bubbly in 5 Easy Steps
December 31, 2015
It should come as no surprise that our first choice sip around these parts is a good ol' glass of bubbly. Fancy coupes, happy clinking, toasting to love and happiness... all pair so well with the sparkly stuff. But breaking into a bottle can be quite a challenge if you've never tackled it (and equally as entertaining), so we decided it was high time to layout the how to. Cheers, loves!

Step One

Make sure to chill your bubbly in advance. Opening a warm bottle is a recipe for disaster and not to mention, it won't taste so great. We recommend chilling at least a couple of hours.

Step Two

Once your bubbly is chilled to perfection, remove the foil, hold the neck of the bottle at a 45 degree angle and place your thumb over the wire cage. Make sure to point the bottle away from any bystanders!

Step Three

Carefully unwind the cage. Grasp the cork with unwound cage intact and hold the bottle firmly with your dominant hand.

Step Four

Twist the bottle (not the cork) back and forth slowly until you slowly feel the pressure ease out and you can remove the cork fully.

Step Five

Break out the coupes and get pouring! Cheers!
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Photography: Bonnie Sen