Marriage Matters: One Year Anniversary Shoot
December 30, 2015
Fall Weddings
You know why we love weddings? Because weddings lead to beautiful marriages, and you know we're all about that. Take Book and Chet and their one year anniversary as example. For the goal of their one year anniversary session was so that these two could relieve the magic that they felt just a year prior, and we happen to think they nailed every darn detail. With Julie Paisley behind the lens this is one celebration you've got to see, waiting for you in THE VAULT!
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From Julie Paisley...A wedding day can be rushed. So many emotions, timelines, and trying to please everyone sometimes leaves little time for many pictures of the bride and groom. But, what if you get back dressed up on your one year anniversary and relive all those moments again? You spend so much money on the perfect dress, isn't it fun to wear it again? That is exactly what Brooke and Chet did. We had amazing time "recreating" their day and celebrating that first year of being husband and wife.

From The Couple...Our relationship started off as very good friends and blossomed into something very special. We seemed almost drawn to one another from the start. We found that we had very similar beliefs about life and found that we had many things in common. Early on in our relationship we faced the tragic losses of parents and grandparents. This time was unspeakably hard. We leaned on each other for support and in this time became a closer and more connected couple because of it.

Five years later we were planning a wedding. We had so much fun planning our big day. The day was so surreal, unique and special. We loved celebrating our love and being surrounding by our loved ones. Having the opportunity to get dressed back up in our wedding attire and model for Julie Paisley’s workshop was amazing. It brought back so many fond memories of our big day. We are thankful to Julie for giving us the opportunity to relive the memories of our wedding day with this shoot.

Our first year of marriage has flown by right before our eyes. Little has changed in our relationship since becoming husband and wife but the fact is our connection has only become stronger. It is a connection that words fail to express but is very real to us. Our first year of marriage has been partly spent supporting each other in starting and growing our own businesses. One of the pillars of our relationship from the beginning has been supporting one another. When we were not working we spend time planning trips as we have a passion for travel. We make seeing new and exciting places together a priority in our relationship. Having these adventures with the person you love the most in the world makes every adventure that much more special. We also adopted a little white fur ball named Lynxie. This little cat has been the perfect addition to our family of three and has enriched our lives.

Our first year of marriage has been full of excitement, support, love and adventure. We cannot wait to see what our future holds.

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