3 Steps to Perfectly Kissable Lips from TEAM Hair And Makeup
December 30, 2015
As New Years Eve approaches and the countdown commences we've only got one thing on our minds - kissing our sweethearts! Once the clock strikes twelve we plan on ringing in the New Year with a few smooches, which is why we've asked Mar of TEAM Hair And Makeup to share her tips on ways to get perfectly kissable lips every single time. Press play to learn how you can achieve that perfect pout!


How to Get Perfectly Kissable Lips


Exfoliate |  Try an all natural method with baking soda and warm water or find your favorite makeup line and purchase what you prefer! The idea here is to slough off any skin in a gentle way.


Hydrate | Dap a small amount of oconut oil dab across your mouth, this will help trap enough moisture in your lips.


Lip plumper | By using a lip plumping serum you're not only going to see instant results, but it also flushes your lips with its natural color!


Testing 1,2,3 | Grab your sweetie and start smooching!

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