Organic Black Rocks Beach Wedding Inspiration
December 29, 2015
CasualSummer Weddings
I had an intimate wedding and loved every bit. But I would have been happy as a clam with a beachy elopement, too. So, I'll be saving my ideas for a seaside vow-renewal and today's shoot from Kyle John Photography is being filed under said inspiration. Dreamy dress? Check. Pinch-me-perfect bouquet? Check. Tabletop beauty? Check. There's even more pin-worthy goodness in THE VAULT.
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From Kyle John Photography...There is a beach, by the edge of the wood, where walls of sharp black rock, regally tower from above ancient tree crowns into the deep pure waters by the ocean shore. Encompassed by this scape is a girl, blinding in beauty like a light that’s mirrored between the bleak rocky walls on the beach, waiting for the sun to stretch its arms above the horizon. Her delicate silk dress, draped on her body, is elegant in its simplicity. She’s refined, yet possesses a sort of wildness in her eyes. A confidence that burns like a lantern in the night. Unharmed by the piercing rocks beneath her naked feet, she conveys an unwavering strength from deep within. And as the first rosy rays embrace her on the shore, it appears to me so obviously, she is the breath of dawn, softening the treacherously beautiful landscape from which she was born.

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