Rustic + Organic Tennessee Valley Wedding
December 24, 2015
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Who would think that a sweet sign, simply spreading joy, would be such a fun addition to a celebration!? This Southern wedding was filled to the brim with signs proclaiming "Yay" and every time I saw one in Abigail Bobo's pics, a smile appeared. But it was just one detail in a whole day full of love and laughter - get in on these good vibes in our VAULT right this way!
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From Abigail Bobo Photography... Fog rolled across the Tennessee hills as torrential rain cut through Franklin, miraculously skirting Leiper's Fork.

At Southall Meadows, preparations were underway as Sarah and her team set up wooden tables with cascading florals. Beyond Details filled the barn with delicious food aromas for this relaxed and joyful wedding day. Outside, guests merrily waved their 'YAY' flags, perfectly summing up the mood of the day. (If you look closely, you can see a little 'Yay!' in almost every photo.)

Zach built a beautiful wooden arch for them to wed beneath, while Perry put her skills to work creating the canvas 'YAY' flags.

With a beautiful gown hand-selected for Perry by Sarah of Sarah Seven herself, Perry glowed and floated her way through the day.

Perry and Zach have been together for 10 years. Through thick and thin, come hell or high water, they stuck it out. As Perry said before their wedding day, "The commitment is already here. We are simply celebrating a bond of love that already exists; and forging a new bond with the people who celebrate us."

From the Bride... From the beginning, we both felt strongly about a “no-theme” theme. An event that felt personal to us was our main goal. That being said, our focus was on natural colors like green, gray, and brown, with touches of gold mixed in. We love being outside together and wanted an earthy botanical vibe without a lot of frills. Southall Meadows, our venue, ended up being the perfect spot for this because it is so gorgeous on its own and needed very little extra decor.
We took on quite a few projects in hopes that people would notice and see them as a reflection of us. The "Yay' flags took a few weekend sessions on our back porch to complete, but we loved seeing our guests wave them around all evening! We also had a couple rubber stamps made and personalized the napkins ourselves with the logo we designed and the faces of our two adorable cats! A lot of the decor items on the tables were our personal knick knacks, which made the barn feel more like home.
This is the exact type of advice I spent the 11 months of wedding planning rolling my eyes at, but I’ll echo it anyway because it ended up being so true for me! Try your hardest not to fret over all the details of your big day. If I had known how many things would go “wrong,” (it was unseasonably cold, the buses ran behind, my hair got wet, I could go on!) I might have been tempted to call the whole thing off. But I can honestly say that it all worked out and I wouldn’t have changed a single decision! You just can’t prepare for everything. But you’ll worry no matter what anyone says, so let the knowledge that your guests love you be your mantra!

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