Rustic + Elegant Fall Wedding
December 22, 2015
Mid Atlantic
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You know what makes me happy?  This wedding.  This rustic meets elegant Pittsburgh affair featuring one of the cutest duos you will ever virtually meet.  Pair their awesome love story + never-ending smiling faces with a fabulous team of vendors (ahem, The Event Group) and it's the best way ever to spend your Tuesday. See it all captured by Tim Will Photography in THE VAULT right here.
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From the Bride... Although Ben and I had not officially met one another until we were in our 20's living in New York City, it seems that our lives were intertwined from the very beginning. Not only did we grow up a mere five blocks away from one another, but we also went to the same high school and sleep away camp. Our families also knew each other and urged us to meet one another, hoping we would make a connection. What can I say, they were absolutely right!

We knew we wanted to have an outdoor fall wedding in our hometown of Pittsburgh, and luckily the weather was on our side! We were going for a look that was elegant, but that also incorporated whimsical touches and an overall understated feel. An abundance of eucalyptus set an organic, backyard tone to the evening with gorgeous soft pops of color. Our intricately lit tent was draped with thousands of string lights, making the whole evening feel truly magical.

It's hard to say what the most memorable part of the day was, but I think it was the moment when we were standing under the Chuppah and we turned around to look out at the crowd, realizing that our favorite people on the planet, our best friends and family members, were right there with us celebrating our big day! Another special moment was while everyone moved to the dance floor immediately following the ceremony, Ben and I took a moment for ourselves in our cousin's 1961 shasta camper, sharing a glass of champagne and soaking everything in!

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