Veteran's Romantic Mountain Engagement Session
December 17, 2015
Summer Weddings
This engagement session is beautiful, there's no doubt about that.  From the breathtaking mountain scenery to the stunning florals from Bella Lu Floral to the love-filled moments captured brilliantly by Emily Sacco.  But peel back all of the gorgeous details and you'll find a story of a brave veteran risking it all for our freedom and the devoted woman who stood steadfastly by his side.  Love conquers all, my friends... and you can see every heart-warming moment right here in THE VAULT.
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From Emily Sacco... This is a very special couple! Nick and Samantha flew in from Tennessee to have their photos taken in front of the beautiful flat irons in Boulder, Colorado. Last year, Nick was out for deployment in Iraq and was badly injured. It's taken several jaw surgeries, and a lot of recovering for Nick to get back on his feet. Still healing, the couple is doing better than ever! To make things even better- their engagement photos are romantic and heartfelt with a gorgeous Free People Dress, a bouquet beautifully created by Bella Lu Floral, a deer sighting and a custom Save the Date made by Kelsey Malie Calligraphy. 

From the Bride... Upon meeting Nicholas, the one thing I knew leaving our first date was that I wanted to talk and listen to him forever. Our all of our dates and time spent after that confirmed my feelings. We talked, laughed, and grew closer and closer each day and before long there wasn't a day we didn't see each other.

Months went by before Nick was scheduled for a deployment. I hated the thought of him leaving, being away from me, and being around so much danger. The fact that he was leaving for more than a few hours didn't hit me until I laid down for bed that night. We hadn't been apart for a whole night in quite a while. A day or two went by and he finally made it to his destination. Part of me was relieved he was done traveling and part of me was terrified. I got to hear his voice before bed, and after all his travels he was going to bed, as well. It was a good feeling, for some reason, a safe feeling. It was hours later, around 3 in the morning, when my world fell apart. One day I received a phone call from one of Nick's commanding officers. I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, or cry. All I could do was sit there and listen to the news. My Nicholas had been injured during battle. I was useless so far away, scared waiting for updates, and devastated he was in so much pain, but he was strong. He recovered best he could and came home to me.

The months following his return home were not all pretty. He was suffering from a head injury, broken jaw, multiple surgeries, seizures, and on multiple medications. He fought the best he could to remain himself, but at some points depression would sink in. I fought too. I tried my best to support him sometimes doing a better job than others. Depression would sometimes over take me, as well. Our love was tested. We struggled to save our love, as well as ourselves. Love conquered. We grew and learned and loved. I am so excited to marry such a strong and loving man!

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