8 Game Changing Ways To Re-wear a Bridesmaid Dress
December 15, 2015
Let's be honest — bridesmaid dresses have gotten a pretty bad rap. (If I had to point fingers, I'd blame that cringe-worthy closet scene from "27 Dresses") And whether you love, hate or completely forgot about your own growing collection, we're confident that these quick tips will help you get your money's worth AND plenty of wear out of those frocks. So free up some closet space, and get ready to play stylist!

Belt it

A cute sash or a pretty statement belt will instantly add definition to your waist, giving you a sexy hourglass shape à la Sofia Vergara!

Pair it with a casual jacket

A jean jacket, a leather jacket or a structured blazer are the ultimate ways to dress down your look just enough for a dinner party with friends.

Layer, layer, layer

Love the skirt of your dress, but not the bodice? Stack a chunky sweater or chic printed scarf over top for an instant revamp.

Take it to the tailor

Whether you want to give that floor-length gown a chop or say goodbye to the straps, a tailor can give that old dress a brand new vibe with just a few snips.

Add some bauble

Break out your prettiest bling! You'll be surprised how a fun statement necklace or dangly earrings can instantly transform your look.

Get a dye job

And we're not talking hair! If lemon yellow or bright magenta aren't exactly your colors, give that old dress new life with a little bit of dye.

Wear it to another wedding

Or a baby shower. Or a holiday party. The point is, if the dress fits the occasion, don't be afraid to re-wear it! Style with the tips above.

Scrap it and start anew

Last but not least, start fresh! If you absolutely can’t stand to style that frock with any of the tips above, make sure you at least up-cycle the fabric. Use that pretty lace or wispy chiffon to make a fun maxi skirt or chic headband!

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