DIY Painted Chalkboard Sign
December 15, 2015
Say hello to the easiest DIY ever. Because this little number right here is the ultimate chalkboard inspired signage that we're inviting you to whip up for your next gathering. That's right, we're taking you back to those primary schools days, but this time instead of chalk we've opted for a chic paint + pen combo. Hit play to learn how you can channel your inner chalkboard artist in 3...2...1!

DIY Painted Chalkboard Sign


  • White Marker

  • Black Marker

  • Black Poster Board

  • Sign Template

  • White paint

  • Projector

Place the printed template under the projector and trace the outline of the words in white marker (don't worry if it's not perfect - we'll show you how to clean it up later).

Once you've traced the words in white marker, fill in the traced letters with white paint. Once you've filled in the letters, clean up any mistakes with the black marker!

Voila! You've not made your very own DIY faux chalkboard sign. Pretty nifty, eh?


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