Classic Lincoln Park, Chicago Wedding
December 14, 2015
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In my opinion, the very best weddings are the days layered with meaningful moments. And this Chicago celebration is chock-full of them. The couple chose to marry in a city that played an important role in their love story, and sprinkled in bespoke details that made the day feel all their own. The groom wrote the music his bride walked down the aisle to, and their dearest friends read poems and scripture through the ceremony for a cozy, intimate feel.  See more in The Vault from The Great Romance Photo.
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From The Bride... Ever since we were young, we dreamt of being married in Chicago. It was the city we both grew up in, studied art in, moved away from (and moved back to). We are both so inspired by the architecture, the sounds, the colors, the busyness and the art. Our first date was in this city and we are making our first home here too. We got married in the spring. We took photographs under blooming, flowery tree and escaped the rain for our honeymoon.

Our wedding ceremony was in Lincoln Park, at a cozy, old church on Fullerton. We loved the simplicity of the churches white walls, dark brown accents and stunning stained glass. A small church kept with our intimate feel. Our ceremony was a reflection of God's deep love for us and our love for each other. Jonny wrote the music that I walked down the aisle to. We had dear friends read poems, scripture and play our favorite Ryan Adams song. We declared our love for each other through our vows and walked out as husband and wife to Frank Sinatra.

Our florals and decor captured the romantic, classic and intimate vibe with a palette of black, ivory, blush, dusty greens and subtle gold accents. Hundreds of candles adorned the space and set the mood. The reception venue was nestled in our favorite Chicago neighborhood, The Gold Coast. It overlooked Rush Street which is a bustling street with designer shops and the most incredible food. Our reception was dark and intimate. We danced to Nat King Cole, some more Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson.

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