#SMPwedding101: 6 Reasons to Hire a Calligrapher
December 11, 2015
Complete with elegant flourishes and delicate curves, we're deeming calligraphy as cursive gone chic. A centuries-old art that has seen a resurgence in the world of weddings, this hand lettering process is a treasure we truly behold. From elegantly address envelopes, to RSVP's, we're asking Carla Hagan Designs to share with us reasons why scripted invitation suites are a must have for your wedding below!
Of all of the special occasions in your life, your wedding is one of the most special. From “yes” to “I do”, planning your perfect wedding day can be both exciting and fun. Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your event, be it formal or casual. Hiring a calligrapher to address your envelopes, place cards and seating charts adds that elegant touch that you and your guests wont forget.

Your invitation commands attention

When your invitation arrives in the mail, it commands attention from its recipient. Its exceptional craft stands out from the general malaise of the mailbox, and singles out each guest with pride and personalization.

A cherished reminder of your occasion

In our world of digital communication and instant gratification, receiving a letter in the mail instigates a singular kind of anticipation. With the skilled hand of a professional penman, your invitation is elevated to a tangible milestone: the very first news of what will soon be a lifelong memory. The hand lettering style, ink color, and level of flourishing you choose come together to signify the unique brand of your occasion, one that is beyond age or imitation. Each wayward glance that your guest devotes to their invitation in the weeks leading up to the event solidifies the very momentum of the excitement for your special day.


On the other, more practical hand, it is important to keep in mind the age old traditions of letter writing. A skilled calligrapher will be passionate not only about the art of calligraphy, but the etiquette behind each address. Certain guests like ambassadors, judges, and doctors require special attention, and it is paramount that you employ a calligrapher equipped to roll with the punches.

It’s personal

When your invitation arrives, your guest has no idea if they are one of ten or three hundred guests. A hand addressed or hand calligraphed invitation does say one thing; you're important to me.

Your Invitation is not bulk mail, don’t let it look that way

If you simply don’t have the time and / or funds for calligraphy, hand address your invitations. A personal touch is of utmost importance when announcing your event. If you are worried about messy handwriting, then take the time to print your envelopes individually. Never use a label.


One of the compliments I often hear from my brides is that their guests loved the calligraphy on their invitations, more then the invitation itself. Everyone loves to see their names in lights, and your guests will reassure you of that in their eagerness to attend your event.

Hiring your Calligrapher

When you are ready to hire a calligrapher, it is always best to do some homework. A professional calligrapher should offer you a written agreement which specifies the work they will do and the cost, and have a writing style that appeals to you. The calligrapher should be able to present you with writing samples and have an extensive portfolio of work. Calligraphy is more than fancy writing, it is an art and should not be rushed. Expect a turn around time of about one week for every 100 pieces. A sought after calligrapher could be booked unto a year in advance. Securing your date for your invitations and day of event calligraphy is important.


Hushed Commotion

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