Colorful + Romantic Elegant Garden Wedding
December 11, 2015
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classically elegant spring wedding but add in bright pops of pretty pink and yellow, and the whole celebration takes on a chic twist. I have a feeling these pics by Lauren Gabrielle are going to be popping up all over Pinterest within minutes (my boards might have already gotten a boost of beauty themselves). Join me in the treasure chest of our VAULT right this way!
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From the Bride... I'll always remember that first date. I hadn't been that nervous since I was a teenager. I slowly walked up to the sushi restaurant and took a deep breath. There he was. Handsome, smiling ear to ear and standing to pull out my chair. When dinner was over, we headed next door for yogurt where we sat on the patio, talking and laughing for hours. I'll never forget when Kevin ran into a little Greek restaurant next door and bought grape leaves; which I thought was a little odd, but moved past it quickly. He later told me he had watched the owner looking out the window with no customers and felt compelled to give him a little business. I was already falling in love with this man.

Kevin later asked me, "When did you know?" I told him, "Date two." On date two, I was even more nervous than that first date. My heart raced as I approached him, but there was something so calming about his demeanor and presence. Our cheeks hurt so much from laughing so hard for hours on end. As the restaurant was closing and he walked me to my car, we made plans for the next night. From that moment on, we both knew something magical was happening.

Eight months later, on our way home from a family vacation, Kevin stopped at Tiffany & Co., saying we should look at rings. That day was just as I would've imagined. Kevin's challenge in a proposal was that I just wanted to be surprised. 11 months into our relationship, I arrived at Kevin's for an ordinary Saturday night of dinner and a movie. He had a beautiful bouquet and box of truffles waiting for me; which didn't strike me as odd; he's no stranger to romantic gestures. As usual, he asked if we could have a chocolate before dinner. I opened the box to find he had already eaten a truffle...and replaced it with a stunning engagement ring. Completely surprised, I turned to find him on one knee.

11 months later, all of our planning came together in a beautiful, flawless, incredibly happy day. There may have been flaws or mishaps, but if there were, we never knew. From the intimate garden ceremony to the cocktail hour behind a beautiful, historic mansion to the tented reception... everything was perfect to us. Our team of vendors had come together to create a fairytale wedding including personal touches. Our favors were jams brought in from my favorite Santa Barbara farmer's market from my time living there, sushi appetizers reminiscent of our first date, truffles to remind us of our engagement and surprise groom's cupcakes with words Kevin's friends and family used to describe him were just a few of the personal touches. And this begins our story...

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