Elegant + Colorful Springfield Wedding
December 9, 2015
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When world-renowned photographer Jordan Brittley just so happens to be your uber talented sister, you can guaranteed that your wedding day portraits are in good hands. A colorful celebration graced with bridesmaids carrying lanterns down the aisle, a scrumptious popcorn stand, and a tree planting ceremony, every detail this duo dreamed up is darling and we've got it all waiting in THE VAULT!
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From Jordan Brittley...This is my favorite wedding yet because my sister is the bride!! The reason you're going to love it?! The bridesmaids carried white lanterns, the bride and groom planted a tree during the ceremony, the arbor was built by the bride's father, and popcorn was served just before the ceremony! Not to mention the view of hundred year old trees, the crimson and champagne color palette, and the cathedral length veil with lace trim!

My dad made the arbor, and the wreath on the front was from my mom. Jaelyn loves popcorn more than anyone I know, so she set up popcorn for the guests before the ceremony! This allowed people to have a little snack before the reception. It was a chilly day and a little "hors d'oeuvre"was the perfect snack!

The couple both love going on mission trips and serving other people. This inspired the guest globe! Instead of signing a guest book, they signed something that is meaningful that can now be used in their home!

Charity of He Loves Me Flowers sent Jaelyn a lot of extra blooms for the bridal details! This allowed her to style things in a way that complimented the other wedding details! She wanted to do something different for her bridesmaids and finally settled on lanterns! I feel like the lanterns really made the bouquet stand out and it was timeless, elegant and unique!

If there is something you should know about my sister, she loves doing things differently! Instead of a unity candle, pouring sand, or tying a rope, Jaelyn and David planted a tree during the ceremony! It was such a sweet moment for the two of them to add another meaningful detail to their lives.

The details and never ending to do list that's stressing you out doesn't matter. Get the big things taken care of and remember to breathe. If it rains or you forget to buy the groom's wedding ring until two days before the wedding, you're still going to get married. And that's what you're going to remember. In the midst of planning your wedding, don't forget to spend more time planning for your marriage. Cute wedding pictures won't be as cute if you grow to hate the man holding you in them. Work on your relationship more than you work on your wedding.

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