Romantic Elopement Wedding in Florence, Italy
November 25, 2015
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For us, elopements are like a happy dance for the heart. Because not only do these seriously romantic getaways take place in some of the most beautiful places on earth (hellooo Florence), but they also happen to include couples that are so madly in love it's practically palpable. The type of romance is evident as through the cinematic lens of Gattotigre and we've got it all waiting for you below!
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From Gattotigre...It is hard to imagine something more romantic than eloping to Florence on a sunny spring day! Jillian & Tony from US invited us to ‪film‬ their intimate ‪‎ceremony‬ in order to make a big surprise to their friends and family once back home. We loved everything from that day: the relaxed wandering through the busy centre, their beautiful connection and stunning modern look. The party took place in Philadelphia in early October and yes! This video was truly a huge surprise for everyone!

From The Bride...After months of courting me at the bar where I worked, Tony finally convinced me to let him take me to dinner. At first, I had been reluctant since it seemed he was a total barfly, but looking back, he was just biding his time until he worked up the courage to ask me out. He wasn't suave- at all- but, once we spent time together - it was immediately evident to both of us that we had found the person we would spend the rest of our life with.

We've never done the "expected." I guess we are both kind of odd in our own way. And after years of experience as a wedding planner, I knew the traditional wedding was not for me. All I wanted was a stress-free day packed with as much genuine romance as we could manage. We had discussed eloping for years, and, since Tony is a first-generation Italian, it made sense to choose Italy for our wedding day.

We flew from our hometown of Philadelphia to Venice and wandered the city for a few days before making our way to Florence. On the day of our wedding, we didn't see each - so the anticipation was incredible. When we finally saw each other, it was really a heartfelt, once in a lifetime moment. Since we didn't have an audience, we felt completely comfortable expressing just how we feel about each other, and we both wrote really personal vows that made the ceremony so incredibly special to us.

After the ceremony, we took photos together in the breathtaking gardens around Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo and then we went downtown to just hang out for a few hours - it was really relaxed and so much fun! We had champagne and grabbed a snack, took photos with locals, and soaked up all of the beauty around us. Watching the sun go down along the Ponte Vecchio was one of the most memorable moments of the day, but our private rooftop dinner was equally enchanting. We danced together, drank champagne... and, of course, had a very romantic wedding night. It was an absolutely perfect day.

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