Tips for Taking the Perfect Ring Selfie!
November 13, 2015
Let's just level here and be completely candid. When you're rocking some new left hand hardware, it's kind of natural to want to let it shine a little (read: take a ring selfie and share it with the world!). If anyone understands, it's us, and no shame friends. No shame. Let that sparkler have the spotlight it deserves with these tips, and make sure to use #SMPringselfie when yours makes it's beautiful debut!


Natural lighting is key, especially when you're snapping a shot with your phone. Find a well lit spot before taking your shot.


A backdrop that is unique to your engagement, like this or this, is such a fun way to share your big news. But if you weren't able to capture that in the moment (let's face it, the excitement takes over!), pick a fresh, clean backdrop that let's your bling take center stage.

Clean it Up

Make sure that sparkler shines it's brightest! Polish it up with jewelry cleaner before you snap away.

Engagement Session

Not feeling so confident in your smart photo camera skills? Have your photographer get a great shot during your e-sesh to share with the world.

Action Shot

Grabbing a hold of something can make your shot look more natural and 'in the moment', whether it's your favorite bag, a cup of joe or celebratory bubbly, of course!


We all have our best angles right? So does your ring! Find an angle where the light hits your gem perfectly and let's it sing.

Get a manicure

The first thing I did after getting engaged was head to the spa for a mani. Pretty polish makes any ring selfie that much better.

Smooth Skin

I'm usually a dry skin year round kind of person, especially during the winter months, a.k.a. engagement season! Follow up your manicure with daily hand lotion and cuticle cream for smoothness.

Don't Overload

It's natural to want to share your news with the world, but make sure not to overload your friends and followers with too many ring shots! Choose your favorite one or two to debut.

Surprise Factor

Forego the ring selfie altogether and let your family and friends be surprised in person. A great excuse for dinner dates with friends who are so excited to celebrate with you, and to of course, see your new bling!

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