Marriage Matters: Sweet Six Month Celebration
November 11, 2015
Fall Weddings
I'm about to celebrate my six month anniversary in a couple weeks, so I'd say these pics by Jordan Brittley came across my desk at quite the perfect time. The love between these two cuties (and their adorbs pup) is spilling out of every single image, conjuring up warm feelings and happy memories of my own special day and my own love story. If this isn't the best advertisement for any and all anniversary shoots, well, I don't know what is. Get in on all these good vibes in our VAULT right this way!
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From Jordan Brittley... I am so excited to share this anniversary session with you! I photographed Sara and Keith for their six month anniversary at my 1:1 workshop. So of course that meant that I teamed up with fabulous talent. We loved the floral dog leash, late autumn/early winter inspired colors, and the walk down memory lane! You can read more about the creative vision for this shoot below...

Sara and Keith started dating in April of 2007. They celebrated their six month anniversary with their new pup and outdoors - two of their favorite things! I knew they were the perfect models for the 1:1 workshop because I adore them and their story is so sweet!

Our invitation designer, Laura, is amazing! She wanted to pull real inspiration from the couple so that it would be meaningful to Sara and Keith. Laura designed an invitation for Keith to give to Sara that said "Come away with me." The entire inspiration for the workshop was centered around Keith inviting Sara to celebrate the two of them. Since he proposed to her on the top of a ferris wheel, our designer created a special card as part of the invitation suite: 150 feet in the air when I proposed marriage and you made me the happiest man alive by accepting.

Charity of He Loves Me Flowers created an amazing bouquet and dog leash for the session! The bouquet was elegant and dressed for fall and I fell in love with it the minute that I laid eyes on it! I just love how the texture in the bouquet works with the light on film!!

I think my favorite part of the session was when Sara teared up as she read the cards that had been personalized to them. I love making people feel special and I really think our team was able to give Sara and Keith a special night together to celebrate their six month anniversary!

I decided to shoot along the gorgeous trees at the back of the golf course to take advantage of the gorgeous sunset. I loved everything that our team put together! The wardrobe styling from Dress Presh made me so very happy! I love that this outfit can transition from late autumn to early winter so easily! And then there is the cake from Style By the Slice! Hair and makeup from Nikki and Diamond's and Do's completed the entire elegant and soft look.

I think it's so important to make each session special and unique to the couple (even if it is for my 1:1 workshop)!

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