Warm + Relaxed Outdoor Anniversary Session
November 10, 2015
While we looove a good wedding, it's the years after the vows that keep our hearts beating big time. From growing old together hand in hand, to the sweet look of newlyweds, it's moments like that we truly cherish. Perfect example? This dream-worthy anniversary session straight from the lens of Jessica Lyons. She captured a connection so sweet that you're going to want to see it all first hand in THE VAULT!
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From Jessica Lyons... Everything about this anniversary session brings a sense of warmth, not only from the colors and skin tones, but also the way they embrace one another and feel so at home in each other’s arms. Capturing a couple's love and connection a few years into marriage is so amazing! Though the honeymoon phase may have worn off a bit, but there's so much more of a story to be told. Walking through an Oregon field on a warm summer evening was a perfect way to reflect on all the memories they've made so far and look forward to their future ahead.

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