Oceanfront Unplugged Destination Wedding in Maui
November 10, 2015
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This right here is my love letter to the lens of Wendy Laurel, because honestly that woman could point her camera in any which way and I would still write it off as pure poetry. So, you can only imagine the beauty that unravels when she's behind the lens of an oceanfront celebration on the shores of Maui. It's pretty paired with perfectly unplugged 90's details and we've got it all in THE VAULT!
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From Wendy Laurel...Does the Nineties bring back fun memories? Slinkies, slap bracelets, Pez candy, mixed tapes and aqua net were all present and accounted for. Bright colors and mohawks.. all of this fun was a great theme for Sabrina and Soda's otherwise traditional destination wedding on Maui. The couple combined the classic timelessness of a traditional wedding style with the fun accessories from the 90's.

Surrounded by family and friends from all over the world, the couple tied the knot on the shores of Maui with palm trees, ocean, and tradewinds. They danced the night away on the neon colored 90's dance floor and had a great time taking photos with the 90's accessories and all their friends.

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