Ode To The Magnolia Inspiration
November 9, 2015
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Got a case of the Monday blues? Well put all those worries aside and sink into the beauty of these pics from Lauren Balingit. With Kelly Lenard's floral talent, we get a preview of springtime and the magical magnolia in all it's brief but beautiful glory. These are the types of pics I save for my desktop background - they're just that good. See every single one in our VAULT right this way; you can thank me later.
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Ode to the Magnolia from Kelly Lenard... Every year it’s the same, as I wait with heavy anticipation for the velvety grayish green buds to bring life to our yard. It’s the first sign of spring. Within a day, the leafless tree is heavy with blooms and within a week they fade. Magnolias are fleeting. While I feel romantic about most flowers, the transient beauty and fragility of our pink saucer magnolia tree draws me in and makes me see spring for what it is… a miracle. I make a point to lie beneath its branches each April and soak in the view. I wanted to capture a little of my adoration in an uncomplicated way. The flowers themselves are poetic. This shoot was about the brief moments of perfection in the life of these blossoms and the swift passing of time. We kept the colors minimal so that the gentle pinks would be the focus. Long exposures held on to whole seconds of the day. Lauren and I watched as these delicate beauties unfolded in the sunlight and browned at the lightest touch. I wanted to save a little of the magic until it begins again next year. Known to symbolize a love for nature, beauty, strength, and dignity; these blooms, with proper care, can be the perfect addition to a wedding. I hope this post will inspire some lucky spring brides to incorporate magnolias into their day and their floral arrangements.

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