Mod Geometric Rustic Wedding at The Loft on Pine
November 3, 2015
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File this wedding under: Heart Eyes, because that is what is about to go down. As things go it doesn't get much better than a modern infused celebration dressed up in Weddington Way daydreams. Thanks to the ever so talented onelove photography we've got the lowdown on every chic detail waiting for you in THE VAULT!
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From The Bride...We both had a lot of family and friends traveling from near and far, taking time out of their lives and schedules to be a part of our wedding. We wanted our guests to know how appreciative we were and how much everyone meant to us, so we filled the shelves of the gallery at The Loft with tons of pictures, old and new, of all our loved ones, family and friends. It was so great to look back at all the memories and relationships through the years.

Our Venue, The Loft on Pine, has a great, moody, romantic feel. We wanted our color choices to play off the Loft's natural darkness, but also really fill the space, so we chose rich, muted jewel tones as the base of our design.

Staying with that theme we incorporated geometric terrariums filled with amethyst and jewel dyed geodes to add a natural sparkle. Our amazing wedding planner and florist filled our ceremony and reception with tons of rich flowers and greenery, candles, and gold and brass embellishments. Everything felt so natural to the space. It was everything we envisioned and more.

Take a moment before your guests arrive to walk through your ceremony and reception spaces and take in all the details you've worked so hard to put together over the last year. Once the ceremony starts you'll be taking pictures, greeting guests and dancing the night away with your husband! This way you won't miss a thing! Seeing Casey's face while I was walking down the aisle to him was pretty amazing. There was so much emotion between us without saying a word. The other was when they pronounced us Mr. And Mrs, Genton and we walked back down the aisle, together, as husband and wife. It was the best, best feeling!

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