Elegant Nicklaus Club Wedding
October 30, 2015
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This Monterey wedding has me like whoa. From the Bride's simply sophisticated style to the personalized details (like these gilded eggs inspired by the family duck and goose hatchery), all it takes is the first few seconds in THE VAULT gallery to appreciate the beauty this day is. Jen Rodriguez captured that essence and moments like this that'll have you daydreaming of your own I do's.
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From The Bride...We wanted as many personal touches to our wedding to make it unique and memorable. My parents own a duck and goose hatchery so we knew we wanted to incorporate the family business into our wedding. After much thought and creativity, my sister created place cards using a golden egg, ribbon, and digital calligraphy. Although they took a while to make, everyone greatly enjoyed their name card and personal favor. It brought a sense of togetherness and everyone was encouraged to take the golden goose eggs home and use them for Easter egg hunts in years to come. We also had the idea to use our family's old brass mailbox to collect cards and gifts. After hours of scrubbing tarnish off the mailbox with ketchup, my mom was able to add another personal and memorable item to our wedding.

Besides marrying the man of my dreams, I was really looking forward to seeing everything come together. Sadly, it is often common for brides to become stressed during the wedding planning process but for us the organizing and designing of our wedding truly assisted us in finding what was most important in our lives and in our relationship. In doing this, we were able to incorporate those important items into our special day to share with all our friends and family. As we look back and remember our wedding now and for years to come, all the planning and personal touches help to shape our memories of our special day. There are so many different pieces and the planning has been going on for so long I just couldn’t wait to see my visions come to life!

To me, what makes a wedding so different from any other celebration is two people bringing together the most important and supportive people in their lives in one place, for one evening. Our guests traveled from near and far: Long Island, Hawaii, Arizona, Seattle, Denver, Maryland, and Germany. We couldn’t wait to celebrate with everyone!