Martha's Vineyard Summer Engagement Session
October 26, 2015
New England
Summer Weddings
While we may be enjoying the glories of fall at the moment, winter isn't far off and jumping into feet of snow is just not as fun as jumping into a pile of leaves. So in this state of denial that I'm fully embracing, I'm quite happy to go back to the sweetness of summer with this seaside e-shoot from Jocelyn Filley and soak up every last second of sunshine and saltwater kisses in our VAULT right this way!
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From the Bride-to-be... Claire and Alex met on an otolaryngology (ENT) residency interview at Tulane University School of Medicine during their fourth year of medical school. Claire was a student at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, and Alex was a student at UCONN School of Medicine in Farmington, CT. They had a lot in common, including UCONN - Alex had rotated on Claire's father's psychiatry service (Claire's dad is a psychiatrist at UCONN) as a medical student! Days after the interview, Alex got Claire's phone number from a mutual friend and sent her a text.

Not only were Claire and Alex smitten, but Tulane was too! They both matched at Tulane for their residency. Alex was thrilled when he found out Claire had also matched at Tulane, texting a friend, "Stop it! I love her!" when he discovered they matched together. They were a support system for each other by phone, email, and text over the coming weeks as they each prepared for a big move to New Orleans.

Sparks flew instantly once the two arrived to New Orleans. They shared their first kiss seven days after residency started and have been inseparable ever since.

While Claire and Alex were on vacation at Lucy Vincent Beach in Chilmark, MA during the spring of their intern year, surrounded by views of the Atlantic and the Allen Farm, Alex told Claire he knew where and how he was going to propose to her.

Two years and much teasing from their residency attendings later, while on a Vineyard vacation with friends Thérèse and Grayson Gremillion, Alex planned to propose. He wanted to surprise Claire and so he picked the only rainy day of the trip, when she would least suspect it. Claire, Alex, Thérèse, and Grayson went on a drive to the Menemsha fishing village. On the way, Alex suggested going for a walk on Lucy Vincent Beach - to which Claire responded, "No! It's raining!" He had originally planned on proposing at the beach that inspired him two years before. But Claire drove them up to the Gay Head Lighthouse and cliffs. Though Alex had never been there before, as soon as he saw the beautiful brick red lighthouse and clay cliffs, he knew this was the perfect place. With Thérèse and Grayson snapping pictures, Alex told Claire he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. After he asked her to marry him, Claire was so excited that she jumped up to hug him. Alex had to ask if that meant yes! Which it did, of course.

Alex and Claire will be getting married 6/11/16 at the Allen Farm in Chilmark, MA on Martha's Vineyard - right by Lucy Vincent Beach. After they selected their wedding photographer, Jocelyn Filley, they took more traditional engagement pictures in Edgartown, MA on Martha's Vineyard. Claire wanted just a few shots where she wasn't crying or looking completely shocked!

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