Romantic Lake Como Engagement Session
October 19, 2015
Summer Weddings
I've seen snippets of Lake Como's beauty before but seeing these pics from Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab brought my awe to a whole new level. Adding to Italy's natural beauty, this handsome couple gave the region some serious competition, with the Bride-to-be's red dress instantly added to my Pinterest style boards - see every amazing look in our VAULT right this way!
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From Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab... This engagement session leaves me speechless. The fire in the eyes of Kate and Artyom, the Lake Como view from the top of the mountain, the stunning burgundy maxi dress that was perfectly matching the bouquet and was a great bright spot on the yellow field background. Everything was so perfect that I wouldn't change anything. We had fun taking the pictures in the movement, walking and running. Kate and Artyom were enjoying this last calm day before the crazy wedding day and it was amazing. I wish every couple could do this.

From the Bride-to-be... We shot this love-story a day prior to our wedding ceremony in the fields located in the mountains surrounding beautiful Lake Como. Planning this shoot I wanted something completely different from a wedding theme, I wanted to have a dark red dress instead of white wedding gown and a flower bouquet in colors similar to that dress. I didn't want all the pastel colors which I've chosen for the wedding itself. And when I saw this dress on the Lulus website I immediately fell in love with it, there was only one size left and it was mine, like the dress was waiting for me. My fiance was wearing a white shirt and beige chinos. His look was casual but elegant at the same time. We were trying to find a perfect spot for the shoot in the mountains so that we would see the skyline with stunning Lake Como surrounded with the gorgeous mountains. We wanted to film our love together with this breathtaking view and fill the pictures with soft sunset light and fresh air. And although we were picturing fields covered with green grass at first, we fell absolutely in love with this one. It could not be better with the colors of the dress and my fiance's outfit and it had all the views we wanted, that magic light and the air which played with the silk ribbons of my bouquet.

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