DIY Instagram Photo Box with the Paper and Packaging Board + A Giveaway!
October 14, 2015
We're partnering with the team at the Paper and Packaging Board to add a little extra dose of fabulous to your 1st "paper" anniversary and, let me tell you, loves... it's been awesome.  First up, we crafted a crazy cool Photo Map, and now we're moving on to an Instagram Photo Box that is the epitome of creative gift giving. Think paper mache + glitter + your happy mugs.  Getting your craft on has never been so fun.

1 Paper Mache Box
1 sheet of Poster Board
1-2 Sheets of Marble Paper
1 Sheet of Patterned Paper
1 Package of Full Sheet Label Paper
Double Stick Tape
Spray Adhesive
Gold Glitter Tape


Cover the outside of the box and the box lid with the marble paper. Use double stick tape or glue stick to attach it to the box.

Cover the inside of the box and box lid with the gold patterned paper.

Spray the posterboard with a light coat of spray adhesive and press on the remaining marble paper.

Using the ruler, mark off 3.5" wide strips on the paper. You can cut as many as you like- you'll connect them later to make the final accordion strip. Each photo square will be 3.5" long so you can multiply that by the number of photos you want to put in your album to calculate the total length you need.

Cut out each strip and mark 3.5" squares down the length of each strip. Fold accordion-style, at each 3.5" mark.

Connect the strips to each other using a glue stick or double stick tape. Add a strip of gold glitter tape down the center of the strip, leaving a little folded tab of tape at either end to make it easy to grab.

Put your instagram photos into a word doc and size them to be 3" square. You should be able to fit 6 to a page.

Print out each page onto the label paper and cut out photo. Press the photos onto each square of your accordion strip. Place the strip in the box.

Place one photo on the box lid and "frame" it in gold glitter tape.


With a mission to promote and increase the use of all things paper + paper-based packaging, the Paper and Packaging Board's amazing campaign is putting a spotlight on the fabulous ways paper can add a little beauty to your life... and we love it.  Join us in checking out the many ways you can create here (hint: romantic love letters for your special someone) and then make sure to visit our Photo Map DIY to get extra crafty with the one you love.


What: The Paper and Packaging Board is giving away a second honeymoon to the locale of your choosing: New York City, Napa Valley, Puerto Rico or Maui!

How: From now until Oct. 31, the Paper Anniversary contest invites couples celebrating one year of marriage in 2015 (January through December) to share a photo of their paper - and packaging - based moments!  Click here for all of the details... and good luck, lovelies! xo