Romantic Italian Villa Wedding on Lake Como
October 5, 2015
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We can always count on an Italian wedding to bring the romance, and this heavenly match is doing just that. Starting with their airline connection that eventually led to a hilltop proposal, every moment of their love story continually scales new heights. So it's no surprise that their wedding is completely dreamy and Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab captured it all in THE VAULT!
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From Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab...I think that till now this is the most fabulous wedding I've ever shot. It was so sweet & perfect in every detail that I simply can't express it with words.

Kate & Artem are wonderful people and so much in love with each other that you start shining when stand close to them. Kate started planning everything a year before the wedding. She is my "most responsible bride", really. She was so attentive to all the smallest details! Calligraphy, details for the boudoir, dress for the engagement session... I spent hours and hours, months and months talking to her, inventing and planning every part of the day and of the shootings. She wanted everything to be perfect and in the end it WAS perfect!

I loved the fact that she trusted me and let me the space for imagination. And not only to me, but also to the event planners from Italian Easy Wedding and to the floral designer from Ratti Flora. There was a lot of decor, but it was not overloaded. It was in a perfect proportion. I also loved so much the intimate moment of cutting the cake outside with only candles light. And it was so touching seen the guys crying at the ceremony. I think I will remember this wedding forever, because for me it was so much special. I can't thank enough Kate for choosing me and letting me to be the part of all her fairytale.

From The Bride...We knew each other for couple a month or so and he even tried to ask me for a date, but we never had a chance to actually do it when one day I was in the airport with my friend going on vacation and accidentally bumped into himself and his friends going to the same place.. This can only be a match made in heaven as two people just can't go in one place simultaneously and absolutely unplanned! We live in Moscow, Russia and several months later I had to move to Los Angeles for two months and this time apart just made it clear that we cannot leave without each other. It was so simple, so natural; we just knew we're meant to be together for our lifetimes. The day I came back to Russia we moved in together and could not be happier. Then I got an offer to work in LA for two years and I after I moved there we had a two-year long-distance relationship. Many people were saying that long-distance relationships are doomed but this was not our case. We talked a lot during early mornings and evenings because of the time difference and supported each other every day of our lives. Although we were physically apart most of the time we were never apart mentally. He visited as often as he could and he proposed me in LA as well.

One Friday night while working in LA I came home from work and he told me he'd love to go for a bike ride. He should have told me that the bike ride was... in the hills.. Hollywood hills... Which was pretty tough especially on a Friday evening. I was whining and grumbling that I'm tired and don't want to go further, but he was cheering me up, telling that he wants me to see this beautiful spot he found on the top of the hill. We were biking during the sunset, so by the time we reached the top of the hill it was already dark, but the view from the hill was absolutely stunning. All Studio City area was covered with thousands of lights. We sat on a tree which had a trunk almost in form on a bench and then he told me he had a surprise for me and asked to give him couple of minutes and not to peep. He lit eighteen red candles which he put in a heart shape and told me that a journey of a lifetime can be sometimes compared with climbing (biking) up the hill, i.e. be pretty challenging, however we should always have each other by our side to cheer each other up, be supportive even when someone is moaning and grumbling we should never give up and continue to move forward together... he told me how deep he loves me and proposed.

My fiancé has a very good taste and he was always super picky about everything connected with the wedding, especially food, venue, etc.. That’s why when we started to plan our wedding we knew right away that we wanted something well planned, unique and romantic, with good food and surrounded only by our nearest and dearest people. We have explored several opportunities in Moscow, Russia where we live but there was always something not quite right there. Then my fiancé once told me, that it would be nice to have a wedding in Italy... How can you go wrong with Italy when it offers best food, best wines, prettiest places on earth. I was stunned... This was the most bold, the most romantic idea.. This was like a dream... A fairytale, which I thought, would never come true... But then I've started to explore the opportunities and realized that it's not as impossible as I thought it would be. I've made a huge web research over couple of months to find a venue in Italy which would be perfect making inquiries of different wedding planners... until once I've found it... Villa Regina Teodolinda on Como Lake, it was hard to find a place as beautiful, as romantic, as perfect as this place was. Several weeks later, my friend told me that she knows a wedding planner, who was organizing a wedding on this villa just recently and that is how I have met Anastasia Aslanyan from Italian Easy Wedding.

I am very thankful to Anastasia who helped my dreams to come true and was supportive throughout the whole process. I was very involved in the planning process and tried to think through and discuss every tiny detail on that day. I have put my soul trying to make as flawless as possible. Anastasia also recommended me to work with Darya Kamalova - the most talented photographer I have ever met! My fairytale got real, we've spent the best days of our lives with our closest family and friends on this beautiful villa overlooking stunning lake Como, I've arrived to the ceremony on a classic Como lake boat Lucia which could not be more romantic. We had our symbolic ceremony partially in Italian and we have read our vows we had written for each other and kept secret until the very moment when we promised to love each other until the end of our lives. One of the best moments was then my super picky husband told me several times throughout the day that this wedding could not have been planned any better than this.


From Anastasia and Margherita of Italian Easy Wedding...With each new wedding we understand how important is when the couple pays enough attention to the point of decor and the flower arrangements. Because the details make the difference.

The spouses wanted to fulfill their dream of elegant and sophisticated celebration. That’s why they have also paid much attention to the choice of photographer and videographer who can catch and feel the atmosphere in the best way. Thecablokfotolab with her dreamy film photography and Marco Caputo with his stylish videos were the winning pair to the surroundings.

For the preparation of the bride and groom lots of things were discussed and bought preliminary. Starting from the brush of the bride and finishing with macarons for the morning coffee served in a silver set. We can’t help saying about the design of the invitations, menus and other typographic works. They totally suited the concept and the colours of the event thanks to Krasota v detalyah.

The concept of Ekaterina and Artem’s wedding was on the base of blush colours, lace, crystals and golden vases. The ceremony accompanied by string trio took place exactly on the shore of lake Como on one of the most beautiful and cozy villas. Oval arch full of flowers, succulents, ribbons, pearls and crystals together with the classical Parigina chairs decorated in the same style gave the atmosphere of elegance and love. The lounge zone was organised with old-style sofa and armchairs with a crystal chandelier hanging from the tree. During the aperitif guests enjoyed live music from a jazz trio.

For the imperial table there was made special mint lace runner that fit perfectly the mint classical vases where were not only flowers but also grapes. Golden candlesticks and vases were mixed together through the whole table in a harmonic way. Special attention was made to the cut of the cake. The best pastry chef of Milan – Nana Cakes – made the dream of the bride come true. The lace pieces on the cake were copied from the bridal dress. Each of the flower was precisely made and it looked like a real but totally perfect flower. The cake was put on the floral base and surrounded by candles of different sizes. Above the spouses there were a scenographic candle sky that gave to the moment special brilliant effect.

But the main point is the couple with their feelings of love, joy and happiness which they spread to all of the people around. And not only during the wedding day, during the whole time of the preparation of their own “the best day ever”. We believe that these kind of couples will definitely have that “happily ever after” because they start their lives together with a fairy-tale.

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