Colorful Morais Vineyard Wedding in Virginia
October 5, 2015
Mid Atlantic
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Can I just say, we heart our LBB members. Like really, really heart them. Because when six of the most talented industry pros (I'm talking about you, Joey KennedyRoberts & Co. EventsEast West Productions, Modern Bridal Studio, Buttercream Bakeshop and Printerette Press) team together the resulting wedding is completely next level. From that coral peony bouquet to the couple's darling fur baby in a bow tie, there's simply zero chance you won't want to pin every last image in THE VAULT.
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From The Bride... Life has a funny way of bringing people together. 15 year old Alice and Alex would have never seen their wedding journey...together. Years of friendship throughout high school must have strongly rooted their foundation to start something they both thought was crazy at the time but now it all makes perfect sense.

After dating for six years, I told Alex on many an occasion that I didn’t think he would be able to surprise me with a proposal. And so of course, he chose an unassuming day in an unassuming locale to pull off his plan. During an open mic night at a local restaurant, singer “Al” was introduced as someone who has never serenaded anyone with a guitar as he mainly plays the clarinet. As I was busy trying to listen to the emcee introduce “Al”, I had a strange feeling that it might be Alex since he also played the clarinet. The suspense grew stronger the more I denied the possibility especially when “Al” stated that he could not play guitar very well and that the only song he could partially play was Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven. I almost choked on my wine when I heard this as I had been nagging Alex for years to finish learning that very song!

I kept convincing myself that it could not be Alex but my heart kept beating faster by the minute. I looked around the room to see who this lucky lady might be because it just couldn’t be me.

Boy, was I wrong! Alex appeared on stage and proceeded to serenade me to Train’s "Marry Me" as the tears streamed down my face. I don’t quite remember this next detail, but apparently after he asked me to marry him, I never answered. I did, however, give him my left hand to which he placed the ring on my finger.

When it came time to planning our wedding, there were a few things we knew we wanted right off the bat. We wanted our ceremony to be outdoors, for our photographer and videographer to be rockstars, for the food to be raved about long after curtain fall, and for our precious little Westie to take not quite center stage, but at least share some limelight. At the core, though, we wanted our wedding to be a representation of us.

Choosing a rustic yet elegant vineyard for our venue we set about creating the charming event I envisioned in my mind’s eye. For us, the details were what were going to transform our wedding from a standard affair to one that our guests would be able to uniquely identify with Alex and Alice. From the beer wall featuring draft beer from both Chicago and DC (where we lived and where we now live) to the donut truck providing late night favors (I’m a donut-holic) to the mini chicken and waffles hors d’oeuvres (our all time favorite brunch food) to the welcome bags containing among other things custom Westie cookies to the personalized napkins printed with “Alex and Alice 2015” we wanted to invite our guests into a cozy and personable environment.

A year and a half of planning later, we were able to pull off a wedding that was truly memorable in its representation of who we are and the tone we wanted to set. I think that’s the most important part; it is so very easy to get sidetracked and cherry pick from multiple themes. With the help of our wonderful wedding coordinator, Tabitha Roberts, we colored our wedding with shades of blush, yellow, and gold tones and incorporated texture into the décor through the use of plenty of greenery.

As a last thought, remember how we wanted to include our Westie in our wedding? Well he was an instant hit as he walked down the aisle as ring bearer with his little black bow tie collar. Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to follow us indoors to the reception and so a family member had to take him back to the hotel as the reception started. We loved, though, that he was able to partake in our special day and add to the joyous memories.