Romantic + Magical Rancho Del Cielo Wedding
October 1, 2015
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Remember that viral wedding video that proved to be totally magical (pun intended) and took the internet by storm? Well, today is your lucky day because we've got the whole picture to share starting with the beautiful Bride and Groom. It's a day graced with knockout designs and spell-worthy moments that truly rise to the occasion. See every moment from Frances Iacuzzi Photography in THE VAULT!
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From the Bride...Surrounded by my bridesmaids, my mom, her best friend Cheryl and our pitbull Betty (the flower girl, obviously), the shuttle bus wove us up the Malibu mountain. The bohemian-chic aesthetic was was still being assembled as we arrived. I was surrounded by my oldest and dearest friends and had to have about ten cups of coffee to convince myself I wasn't dreaming.

The ring I gave Justin was the same ring his grandmother gave his grandfather in December of 1943. The ring Justin gave me was not an heirloom because neither of my grandmothers were willing to give theirs up just yet.

The flowers were a romantic mix of burnt coral peonies and succulents that made for a soft but colorful tone. This is one of many examples where we gave our vendors our preferences but let them take control of the final product. We made sure not to micro-manage them, but instead trust their expertise and artistry after relaying our vision.

I was incredibly nervous about reading my own vows. Thankfully, Justin came up with a brilliant idea to help quell my nerves: we would write our own vows on paper and swap them under the arch. I read what he wrote and he read what I wrote for the first time in front of our all friends and family. Literally exchanging vows made it feel all the more meaningful to us.

Our first dance was tricky, literally. When you're marrying a magician there's a subtle pressure to do something magical at your wedding. Naturally, I wanted to duck the cliche of making a dove appear or being sawed in half...Justin isn't that kind of magician anyway. We were able to pull off a pretty great magic trick to wrap up our first dance, and I can’t describe how surreal it was to see it celebrated online ever since.

While Justin floating in mid air was "kinda" memorable, many people who saw the video were more curious to know who made my dress. Thank you to Watters for the two piece, rose gold, lace and toile dress that made me feel like a princess bride.