SMP Blogger Bride: Boxwood Avenue DIY Calligraphy Tablescape
September 30, 2015
Chloe from Boxwood Avenue here, and now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit better, you probably realize I am a die hard DIY’er, and today I am giving you a sneak peek at another DIY project I am doing for our wedding! Captured by Melina Wallisch Photography and Dax Victorino Films at the Depot Craft Brewery Distillery in Reno, Nevada, I'm giving you an inside guide on mastering calligraphy!
DIY Calligraphy with Boxwood Avenue

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After Greg and I got engaged, I decided I was going to learn calligraphy, in order to do myself, what would have traditionally been outsourced to a calligraphist. After a few practice sessions, I fell in love with calligraphy, and haven’t looked back. I definitely don’t consider myself a calligraphist, more of a hobbyist experimenting with different techniques, but as I learned, I found some amazing resources, and have decided to share them with you! If you’ve been wanting to learn calligraphy, I’ve just launched a completely free workshop on my blog, so head on over and sign up! I promise, all it takes is a little patience and a whole lot of practice.

Luxe Cream Paper
Gold Ink
Your favorite calligraphy pen and nib (Nikko G is my favorite!)
Scrapbooking Trimmer


step-1Cut menus and table numbers into 5x7” pieces, and name tags into 2.5x4” pieces using the scrapbook trimmer.

step-2Using your pencil and lettermate, lightly mark straight lines along the paper. One line for name tags, two lines (spaced far apart) for the table numbers, and multiple lines for the menus.

step-3Shake your gold ink well, dip your pen into the ink, and get to writing! Try printing a few of the lines in all caps to add dimension to the menus.

step-4Allow the ink to fully dry, then erase the pencil lines.

I used this frame from World Market for the table numbers, and these place card holders from BHLDN