Romantic Lovers' Lane Engagement Session
September 28, 2015
Summer Weddings
This adorable Groom-to-be one upped his lady by proposing on the day she was surprising him with a birthday party, and that sense of fun, sweet love is evident in Caroline Tran's shoot. It's ultra romantic (TEAM Hair & Makeup's magic has me seriously considering some gorgeous extensions) but look a little closer and you can see the smile in their eyes, you can feel the humor and whimsy this couple has. I'm already head over heels for them - join me in the VAULT right this way for even more!
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From the Bride-to-be... Warren and I moved separately to Dallas, Texas in 2011. He moved from Washington, DC to Texas to begin his residency and I moved to start graduate school, and we met by the magic of fate through a second degree friend, Tina!

Tina was trying to set up my best friend Dawn with her friend Ben. But through a series of serendipitous events, both Dawn and Ben ended up meeting other people that summer. Unbeknownst to Tina, she presented Dawn with Ben’s single friend, Warren. Dawn saw this as an opportunity to set up her single friend, me, with this nice guy, Warren!

After Warren and I were connected via two cross country moves and a chain of five people, we went on our first date and instantly clicked. The rest was history! Fast forward almost three years later on Warren’s thirtieth birthday, when he proposed to me at the same place where we exchanged our “I love yous” for the first time. I was planning a surprise birthday party for Warren that day, and when he found out a few weeks prior (turns out, I can't plan a surprise party to save my life!), he decided to catch me off guard and one up me by proposing. He definitely succeeded!

The inspiration of our engagement shoot stemmed from our desire to feel natural, playful and romantic! Warren and I are getting married in San Francisco near my hometown next year and what better place for an engagement session than Lovers' Lane tucked away in the gorgeous Presidio of San Francisco? Mar from TEAM Hair & Makeup is incredible and made me feel so beautiful that day! She was so much fun and had me laughing every second, making it hard to sit still for her! Our amazingly talented photographer, Caroline Tran, made us feel organic and lighthearted the entire afternoon! She was a dream to work with and we can't wait for her to capture our special day!