Romantic Sunrise Engagement on the Brooklyn Bridge
September 21, 2015
Tri State
Summer Weddings
Inspired by infinitely fun late nights out that turn into pizza-at-sunrise kind of mornings, this romantic esesh from Loft Photography epitomizes young love in the City That Never Sleeps in the most magical way imaginable. From the Bride-to-be's festive crop top to the Groom-to-be's tux game on point, check out every last bit from this stylish duo's shoot in The Vault right here!
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From Loft Photography...A 4:00am wake-up call minus coffee is well worth it when you get to experience sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge documenting a charming couple's love for each other! Ashley and Tim have a chemistry that's contagious, and we think you'll agree that their style is incredibly dapper! We had the best time strolling and dancing on the bridge as if we were the only ones on it (the cyclists may not have appreciated that). Tim's tux game was spot on, and we adore Ashley's pale blush skirt paired with her crop top. We'll set the alarm for 4:00am any day for sessions like this one.

From The Bride...I wanted our engagement session to be classic, old New York. New York is the city that never sleeps, the mantra is almost as iconic as the Brooklyn Bridge itself and so for our session I wanted to incorporate the spirit of the city. Thinking back on nights where you dress to the nines for a formal event and have so much fun you end up at a late night diner or pizza place right before sunrise and decide to stay up just the extra hour to catch a glimpse. This shoot took us through a night out, first very buttoned up and formal and then eventually we get into party mode. Every black tie dance party inevitably ends up with Tim loosening his tie, losing his jacket and I take my shoes off as soon as possible! Looking at the pictures, they are reminds me of New York and being young and carefree and in love. It reminds me of how lucky we are to have each other and live in this bustling beautiful city.