French Chateau Summer Wedding
September 17, 2015
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This Bride and I are on the same wavelength. Her goal: to not overload with decor and details, but rather, let their venue shine. And when said venue is the most charming French chateau, it radiates beauty in and of itself. Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab Photography made sure no moment went uncaptured and we've got the proof in The Vault.
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From Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab Photography...It was my first 100% film wedding. Before I shot a lot of weddings hybrid but never before 100% film and without assistant. I was really nervous but nervous in a pleasant way. I knew on hundred percent that everything will be even better then I imagined). Natalya and Andrey booked me in advance, we had a lovely Skype chat and loved each other from the first sight.

I came to France a day before the wedding, we had a lovely evening with girls with wine outside the chateau. Then the next day I woke up very early in order to shoot all the details calmly. And in fact this is my favourite part of this wedding: the morning and details pictures. The interiors of the chateau were really fantastic and it was a pleasure to shoot there. The bride's room was really to die for! Just look at this bed and those windows.

The dress was gorgeous and suited Natalya so much! I'm also in love with her transparent Louboutin flats! I think that's the perfect choice for the tall brides or for a second pair of shoes for the wedding. Also, the ceremony was so great and so particular! They had a symbolic ceremony in the afternoon. But there was no celebrant, the celebrants were the bride and the groom themselves! There were 2 microphones and they were talking to the guests, telling their story, saying thanks to every guest, reading love letters to each other. It was so touching, pure and unusual! I think it is one of the most memorable ceremonies that I shot.

In the evening it was so cool when they poured the champagne in the pyramid of glasses by themselves. There was nothing "too much" or something "missing" in this wedding. It was perfectly balanced and beautiful. And I'm happy that I had a chance to be their photographer.

From The Bride...We were introduced to each other by our friends, but we did not immediately become a couple, and for a couple of years we met regularly in company and showed our mutual sympathy, but probably it was not yet the right time. Then one day Andrew's friend came in Russia for a business trip, we met and from that day we began our story as a couple. We were engaged for 10 months. Then Andrey made a proposal.

8 months in advance we found a place and determined the date. 6 months before the wedding we sent the invitation and agreed with the photographer, then 3 Months before the wedding we started the hottest preparation (flowers, menu, seating plan, the timing of the day, logistics, etc.) We did everything on our own, without any wedding planner). I was laughing on very small details: I woke up at 5 am and finally realised that this is my wedding day, about the ceremony, which described our story, our attitude to the people around.

The most memorable moment was in the evening, under a big tree with champagne when some of the guests already went to bed and only the closest ones remained. We didn't have a lot of decor and details on our wedding, the place did not require a global design, our task was not to overload it. There were flowers on the tables and during the ceremony, flowers as gifts to the guests. I can give a good advice to the brides and grooms-to-be: Prepare everything in advance for this day and try to get pleasure both during preps and during the wedding. And don't worry! Everything will be as it should be!