Bouquet Breakdown: Pink + Gold Wedding Inspiration
September 17, 2015
If you're a longtime SMP reader, then there's a great chance you remember last year's gorgeous Gold + Pink Wedding Inspiration shoot -- and how can you not, when it's positively brimming with breathtaking blooms like this lush sunset-hued bouquet from Cori Cook of Cori Cook Floral Design?! Read on to find out what went into this beauty, below!

Gold + Pink Wedding Inspiration

  • 10 Stems Red Piano Garden Roses

  • 5 Stems of Ranunculus (Peach, a bunch usually ranges in color)

  • 4 Stems Red Clematis

  • 3 Stems Red Dahlias

  • 7 Stems Pink Campanella Roses (Garden Roses, peachy pink)

  • 5 Stems Peach Campanella Rose (Garden Rose, true peach)

  • 3 Stems Phalaenopsis Orchid (spotted peach)

  • 5 Stems Green Hellebores

  • 3 Stems Cherry Blossoms

  • 3 stems Camellia Foliage

  • Frou Frou Chic Silk Ribbon

From Cori Cook.... We wanted this bouquet to be lively and colorful and bold, because that is our signature design style.  As floral designers, whenever we participate in a inspiration shoot, it’s always important to be designing the kind of bouquets that we would want our clients to be inspired by and request for their own wedding.  We have realized over the years that while we appreciate a muted color palette, that our signature style isn’t moody and it isn’t muted.  We love working with complex color palettes and bold colors.  We also love to design bouquets that are more one-sided than round.  They tend to photograph better and we’ve found that there is more of an opportunity to be creative with shape and texture.  But word to the wise if you design bouquets that are one-sided:  Keep that back pretty too and give bride and bridesmaids a quick pep talk about how to hold them for photos! 

Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design | Photography: Kerinsa Marie