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Editor Tips: How to Achieve Mismatched 'Maids
September 6, 2015
When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a million things you have to consider. Perfect example - what is your bridal party going to wear? You may have been eyeing those matching chiffon gowns for quite some time now, but that doesn't mean they'll necessarily fit everyones body type or budget. Thankfully, I've got the perfect solution: mix 'n' match 'maids! See my tips on how to get the look below.


The easiest thing to do is start pulling looks you love and create a Pinterest board. Invite your Bridesmaids to join the process and have them start adding what they find for themselves. When going for the mis-matched look it's important that you provide visuals on the overall aesthetic you want to achieve!


Choosing a color or range of hues is the perfect jumping off point. Do you like pastels? How about vibrant hues? Be specific when defining your hues and range (I.E: mine were blush + dove grey). Bear in mind that not every color looks amazing on all skin tones, so giving your girls a variety is the perfect way to accentuate their individuality.


Since their gowns are going to be different, it's really important to have one unifying length. Make sure you specify this with visuals, because what you interpret as "long" others might understand differently. Make sure you use words like floor-length or knee length when discussing, and always provide visuals and/or links as a reference.


Whether it be sequins, ruffles, beading, or neckline silhouettes - make sure there is something that ties all the gowns together. The easiest trick is choosing similar materials - that way when they're all lined the look will feel complementary.


Give your girls a starting point by providing shoppable links for them to start scouting potential picks. Whether you start an email thread or Google Doc - be sure to provide them with plenty of resources!


Just because they're choosing their gowns doesn't mean they should wait to make a purchase/decision. Send out reminder e-mails with links and info on who is wearing what thus far (that way you won't end up with two of the same). Remind your 'maids that popular styles are usually backordered and when supplied can sell out quickly (in both sizes and colors). The sooner they make a decision the better!


The best part about choosing to go the mis-matched route? Not only can friends determine their own budget and what works for their body type, but you'll feel like the best Bride knowing that it's something they can wear time and time again.
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