#SMPWedding 101 - Creating Cohesive Wedding Paper Goods
August 21, 2015
Truth be told, I'm a bit of a stationery addict. Choosing between cardstock and calligraphy is my idea of a good time, but building an overall look that is as chic as it is cohesive? Well, that's another color story. Which is why we're turning to Centennial Press + Design for their tips on how to create cohesive paper goods for your Big Day!
From Centennial Press + Design... There is so much beauty and inspiration available to engaged couples today, planning a cohesive wedding can be quite a challenge. Couples are faced with an unlimited variety of color schemes, fonts, papers, patterns, textures and more. How and where do you start? How do you turn the love you share into something unique that the most precious people in your lives—the ones you invite to your wedding—will hold close to their hearts?

Your Wedding “Brand”

The best way to sort through it all and figure out what represents you as a couple is to step away from all the stimulation and start with just the two of you putting down your fave loves, what inspires you. This will ultimately help define you as a couple—from your favorite color palettes to your cultural heritage, your favorite historical eras to your personalities and values. This “mood board” will help lead the direction of your wedding brand. Branding your wedding isn’t just for those who have a big budget, it’s for couples who enjoy paying attention to the details and really want to have a beautiful, memorable event by letting the couple shine with personal touches throughout.

The brand of your wedding is most visual in your paper goods. Your save-the-dates and wedding invitations are the first thing your guests see, so it’s important to work with your custom invitation/stationery designer in the beginning of your event planning to help bring cohesiveness to your event all the way through to day-of paper items. Branding is about the complete design experience and so much more than a logo. It is an identity that ties all the little details together to create a complete experience. It is about all those elements and details we mentioned earlier working together that make your brand work. Here is where your mood board you made as a couple can help your designer turn your inspirations into a visual and emotional representation of you and your groom.

Defining your Wedding Brand

Step 1 | Create your mood board. Who are you? What makes you as a couple special and unique? How do you want to be perceived by your family and friends?

Step 2 | Create a logo. Is it a stylized monogram? A custom drawing or symbol that represents your wedding theme? A combination of the two? The logo can be used throughout your wedding paper goodies—from save-the-dates to day-of paper collateral and favors. However, make sure you don’t completely bombard your guests with your logo. Subtlety is key. The logo is worth the investment of a professional and can even be used after you’re married on return address labels or family stationery.

Step 3 | Choosing Fonts. Do you prefer elegance? Use a calligraphic font. Are you into a classic look? Use a serif with a script? Do you like to be original and have a handmade feel? Choose a hand-drawn font or have your own drawn. Fonts are a big part of branding your wedding. Choose two or three fonts to use on everything. Using the same and appropriate fonts for all your elements will help tie everything together and really help to brand your day and make your wedding your own.

Step 4 | Keeping it Cohesive. Once you’ve developed a logo, choose colors, patterns, fonts, and textures you want to be sure they all complement each other. If you feel comfortable, and have time, you can do this as a couple or your designer can help you if you decide to hire a professional to make it all come together organically–then you can stop worrying about it! Keeping it cohesive can be hard, but if you stick to your original mood board and keep going back to it, it will help you stay focused.

If you obsess over creating the perfect brand with logos stamped all over everything, you might end up with a sterile, impersonal wedding. The most important thing is that you stay true to yourselves. If you do that, beauty will prevail.


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