Rustic Mint + Gold North Carolina Wedding
August 18, 2015
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There's something about ceremonies with church pews outside that make my wedding blogger brain burst with joy; I love it oh so much. The juxtaposition of a contemporary take on something so traditional makes me giddy and this special sight might be one of the best. With Marcie Meredith's pics, we're swept away to the lovely North Carolina lakeside, where this whole fairytale got it's start - let's go!
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From the Bride... Ryan and I met at a house party. I was just a small town Southern girl, who had just ran her car over a stump, scared to death to tell her daddy that she had ripped her car's undercarriage… at a house party. Ryan was the most handsome of men, with his dark hair slicked back and his mysterious eyes conveying adventure. He was walking down the hall and our eyes met, and in that moment, with those beautiful mysterious eyes, he winked at me. It was all over from there. Sounds like a modern Cinderella story huh? Only one small problem… I was dating someone.

Somehow, and fast, he stole me away from the past and within a month he became my new future. Our beginning relationship survived on late night phone calls and emails and within a month, Ryan had packed up his things in New Jersey and headed back home to live. We have spent everyday together since.

We spent our summers together on Badin Lake with my family. It was our safe haven and the place where our love ran free. So naturally Ryan proposed at Badin Lake on November 1, 2014.

We wanted our wedding to reflect our relationship: simple, pure, captivating and completely engulfed in God’s love. We created our venue on top of a hill that overlooked all of Badin Lake. Besides the fact that this location was the best kept secret of New London - it was right in the middle of where Ryan first told me that he loved me and where he proposed. It was absolutely perfect.

We wanted our ceremony to be personal. We celebrated and honored the lives of my grandfathers, who recently passed away two years ago. Their presence was strong as I glanced at the chairs we had for them, adorned with their hats and marking their love. We wrote our own vows, confessing our love once again, and they are now framed by our bed. We also took communion - just us two. It was an overwhelming, yet intimate experience as we started our lives together.

As for our reception, it was meant to be nothing but a good time! Ryan and I took the dance floor together as husband and wife to “If I Ain’t Got You” covered by Maroon 5. As we held each other and sang the song, everyone disappeared. My father then took my hand and we danced to “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw. As the song began to play, I noticed that it wasn’t Tim McGraw who was singing… it was my daddy. As I looked into his tear-filled eyes, I knew I had been the luckiest girl in the world. We cried together and those were the only tears shed that wonderful day.

Our reception continued and everyone joined the dance floor. There was laughter, there was singing and there were many, many dance parties. Shoes were off and bodies were moving. Our wedding day was simply a glimpse into what our future holds - love, laugher, and one great adventure.

Ryan and I are now the owners of this property and a soon-to-be new wedding venue, Cutting's View!