Romantic Rooftop Engagement Session in Toulouse, France
August 14, 2015
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Oh my goodness, do I have a treat for you: this rooftop engagement session in France's southern city of Toulouse from Elena Fleautiaux Photography. It all started with that gorgeous Pronovias black lace gown and when combined with gorgeous natural lighting, a rich color palette and romantic florals, it's absolute magic. The couple posed with a sign that said "Le meilleur reste à venir" (the best is yet to come), and I assure you, one look in the gallery, and you'll see that's true.
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From Elena Fleautiaux Photography... The story of this session starts by a dress :) I was discussing the engagement session with my future bride, Mélanie, - she asked me to forgive her because she had a dress, but it's black and not very "suitable" for the photo session. But when she sent me the picture, it took my breath away—it was really beautiful.

When I saw it, I decided that I will try to do something interesting FOR IT :) !! And for my couple - Mélanie and Mathieu. M&M. We shot at two locations in Toulouse: an old-fashioned hotel and my roof. I live in the center of the city and can see all the beauty of this city, nicknamed "la ville rose" (the pink city) because of the color of the walls. Even though I'm not French, I love all the historic monuments and the sea of the roofs far-far-far away.

We were lucky it didn't rain! We used two quotations for the session hand-written by a calligrapher from Toulouse: "Le meilleur reste à venir" (the best is still to come) and a quotation from Paul Eluard, a french poet who was one of the founders of the surrealist movement at the beginning of the 20th century: "Voir le silence, lui donner un baiser sur les lèvres et les toits de la ville seront de beaux oiseaux mélancoliques" (to see the silence, to kiss it on its lips and the city-roofs will become beautiful melancoly birds).

The silver spoons and forks belonged to my mother-in-law's family during two centuries. Also, we decided to use some pomegranates as a decoration for the "place cards" and as elements in the bouquet and floral composition on the table. The colors were black, beige, pomegranate. The cake's color was also black. 

My favorite moment was - a big question in my head - how to finish in time the first part of the session in an old hotel and to run and to be in time to have all installed on the roof (and to lift it up all alone !) , and to photograph all the details on the roof , not to forget the couple which arrived later and to do all that before the sun goes down.

I must to speak about three girls who helped me to create the details of the session:
1. Calligraphy - Nathalie, whose beautiful work helped to add exquisite notes in the style and atmosphere of the session.
2. The Cake - Helen, a very kind English girl who helps her couples "come and sleep in sugar" because her cakes are a small dream and a big miracle.
3. Poppy Figure Flower - Sophie, a talented and best florist in Toulouse, who is always there to listen to the ideas and wishes of her clients and propose marvelous floral things.

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