Rustic Elegant Spring Wedding at Early Mountain Vineyards
August 13, 2015
Mid Atlantic
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This charming, elegant wedding's mascot, a little pig with wings from J. Steinbeck's works of literature, representing the couple's belief to always strive for great heights, is by far, one of the best personal touches I've ever seen. It sold me on this celebration immediately but Abby Grace's pics just made me fall head over heels even more. Give yourself a treat with this grin-inducing gallery and thank me later!
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From the beautiful Bride... My favorite author, John Steinbeck, drew an image of a flying pig - a pigasus - in all his letters and books. To each pigasus, he added a Latin phrase meaning “to the stars on the wings of a pig,” a reminder that we should shoot for the heavens no matter how ill-equipped we may be. Knowing about my love for Steinbeck, after two very happy years of dating Jake proposed under a mural of a flying pig and handed me a ring engraved with the same Latin phrase. We both loved the message of the little pigasus - that no matter what difficulties life may bring, we should always aspire to greater heights - and saw how it could be applied to a marriage. With that, the pigasus became a sort of mascot for our wedding day and new marriage, and his likeness found its way into all sorts of details at our wedding.

Our hope was to have a wedding that struck a balance between being elegant and timeless and being genuinely fun - a celebration at which our family and friends could relax and be themselves. Although we wanted to be close to our home in Washington, DC, I also wanted to be somewhere that reminded me of the wide open spaces where I grew up in Colorado. Early Mountain Vineyards fit the bill perfectly. The stunning event spaces and breathtaking views made it the perfect setting for a wedding, and the warm, inviting atmosphere made everyone feel at home.

Our incredible wedding planners, Aimee and Cindy from A. Dominick Events - along with the team of immensely talented vendors they recommended - took what Jake and I had envisioned for our wedding and created something more beautiful than we could have imagined. We wanted to use bright colors and an assortment of spring flowers, and we loved the look of asymmetrical, organic-feeling arrangements in a variety of containers on long farm tables. Jenny from the Orangerie ran with those ideas and created beautiful tablescapes packed with clever, thoughtful details. Because it was important to Jake and me that the wedding decor feel personal, we tried to incorporate little touches of ourselves and our relationship wherever we could. We hand-painted personalized cornhole boards, set out swing-top water bottles printed with our names (and a pigasus!), and displayed wedding photos of our parents, grandparents, and siblings. Many of the little details - from the olive leaves painted on our invitations to Jake's elephant-printed socks - held special meaning for the two of us and our families. Combined with the delicious family-style meal of some of our favorite foods, the reception felt like a very personal reflection of all the things we love. We’re so grateful to Abby from Abby Grace Photography for capturing all of it so beautifully.

More than anything else, Jake and I wanted our wedding day to feel like a celebration of our love for each other and for our family and friends. We were blown away by all the people who traveled from near and far to join us, and we are humbled by their love and support. We feel so fortunate to have started our marriage surrounded by these wonderful people, enjoying a day full of joy, great food, laughter, and a whole lot of love. With a little luck, the rest of our lives will be filled with more of the same!