Bouquet Breakdown: All-White Sophisticated Southern Wedding Bouquet
August 8, 2015
Hope you're enjoying the weekend, loves! We're trying to get in as many summery whites as we can before Labor Day hits, and this bouquet from Anissa Manzo of Urban Poppy is pretty much perfect when it comes to some serious ivory inspiration. Anissa gave us the behind-the-scenes about working on the Sophisticated Southern Wedding at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff, so read on and see more right here!

Sophisticated Southern Wedding at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff

  • 9 Stems White Majolica Spray Roses

  • 7 Stems Jeanne Moreau White Garden Roses

  • 7 Stems White Ranunculus

  • 8 Stems White Lisianthus

  • 10 White Lisianthus Buds + Foliage

  • 5-6 Stems White Duchess Peonies

  • 11 Stems White Sweet Peas

  • 9 Stems Italian Ruskus

From Anissa Manzo... I was thrilled to see KT Merry's work on Taylor and James' wedding. She was able to capture light and design as well as the personality of her subjects in a tender, beautiful fashion. Many photographers are apt to do one or the other but KT Merry's ability to document the day and design with the eye of an artist sets her apart as a wedding photographer.

For me, my favorite part of designing a wedding is my Bride's bouquet. She is the center of the day and we aspire to create everything around her. I wait with eager anticipation to see how the Bride and her bouquet come together. The flowers, though already living, seem to take on a special life in the hands of their intended.

Ask any good designer, whether florals or any other medium, and they will tell you it's all about light, texture, mood, color and movement.  This is our joy and passion at Urban Poppy- to translate the vision of the bride and groom, coupled with their personalities and their impending happiness of coming together and infusing that into their florals, details and decor.

Floral Design: Urban Poppy | Photography: KT Merry