Colorful Rustic Spring Wedding at Bowing Oaks Plantation
August 5, 2015
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This is one of those weddings where you think you've picked a favorite part, and then a couple pics later and that part has some competition. I was loving these colorful, succulent splattered bouquets, but then had a good look at the Bride's blossom in her hair and I just can't decide what's better. Or how about the antique plates? Or the look on this Groom's face when he saw his blushing Bride? See what I mean? Lucky for us, Julie Paisley captured them all and this gallery is full of these goodies for us to Pin away!
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From Julie Paisley... Sometimes it rains on your wedding day and you have to go to the back up plan, but that didn't take away the joy from this day. The ceremony was all set up under the big oak tree but Florida in the spring can have a mind of it's own. In spite of the last minute change of moving the ceremony inside, the wedding still went on with smiles from all.

I really loved Bekah's style. The different colors of the wedding dresses, the floral print ties on the groomsmen and the mix-matched china place settings tied in her rustic/vintage theme. Beautiful venue and beautiful details tied it all together giving us a fresh alternative from the traditional blush/pink rustic style. Bekah's heritage is Irish, in fact, the majority of the guests made the trip to FL from Ireland for the wedding and her grandfather officiated the wedding. It was pure joy to shoot this wedding, beauty for the eye and the love of family for the soul.