10 Bridal Beauty Touch Up Bag Must-Haves
August 3, 2015
You are a prepared bride—you know 11 things you're not supposed to do the week of your wedding, the 15 things you are, and what to pack in your emergency kit. But did you know you also should carry a bridal beauty touch-up bag just in case of a beauty emergency? It may seem overwhelming, but thankfully, the talented makeup artist Carly Pribich has broken down all the essentials you need below.

The Must-Haves

1. Blotting Papers – These are great for quick gentle shine touch ups and are super easy to use during the wedding day.

2. Lipstick & Lipgloss – I custom mix the lipstick & gloss I use on bridal clients. Often times I mix multiple lipstick shades so I make sure they always have their color on hand in a depotting container.

3. Lip Liner – If you are wearing a brighter or bold color on your wedding day, having the matching lip liner is a must (especially with a red).

4. Lip Brush – Makeup Artists have disposable lip wands that they can give you, but having a lip brush in your touch-up bag will come in handy. I like Real Technique’s Lip Brush because it’s retractable which makes it easy to use & mess free.

5. Translucent Power – I’m pretty particular about which powders I use on clients in my kit. My go-to is KETT Sett Powder. It can be used on every skintone and is wonderful at both setting the foundation & for touch ups. I would avoid powders that have an SPF so you don’t get flash back in your photos.

6. Puff - If your powder doesn’t come with a little puff, this would be great to have to gently powder your face. Press gently across the skin, rather than rub or sweep to keep the makeup looking fresh.

7. Lash Adhesive/Glue – Your Makeup Artist will apply your false lashes during your bridal application, but it’s always a smart idea to bring along a glue with as a just in case. If others in your wedding party want to touch up their lashes, make sure to have disposables (especially if they have brush applicators) for sanitary and hygiene reasons.

8. Compact Mirror – This is must in any bride’s beauty touch up bag. You can always check to make sure you look great. Bonus points for a cute mirror!

9. Mints – Mints to freshen the breath are discrete and great to have before your lip touch up. You can bring enough to share with your wedding party too.

10. Tissue & Qtips – These are great to have in your touch up bag for happy tears!

Tips: Carly Pribich | Photography: Stoffer Photography