Classic + Elegant Wedding at the Bay Preserve
July 27, 2015
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The most important thing about your wedding day is that you and your groom enjoy every moment of it, and this couple definitely did. With two pairs of chic shoes (one for the ceremony and one for dancing!) and the relaxing nature of their waterfront venue, this bride and groom guaranteed their wedding would be a very happy occasion. See all the gorgeous photos from Tiffani Jones here.
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From The Bride...We really wanted something that felt like us. We wanted something that felt easy and laid back (even though we all know no wedding planning process is really like that!). We loved that this venue felt as though it was just our backyard with all the people we love, all hanging out. I love the beach and the open water. When Dan first saw me at the beach (we met in NYC) he said "Woah, this is really your element. You seem so at ease and happy here." BUT we had been to beach weddings and they were so hot and windy - we didn't want exactly that. This venue had a dock, a beach and then felt like a garden party!

A few extra special things from the day:

1. We wanted our wedding to be a whole weekend celebration, not just a one night affair. For the most part everyone stayed at the same hotel, hanging by the pool together all weekend. It allowed mingling of different friend groups and just an overall celebratory vibe that really spread into the big night.

2. Our photographer and videographers! We Skyped with a few different people before we found who we loved! We obviously love their individuality and skills but we also wanted to find people who we connected with. We loved working with these guys because we felt so comfortable with them and they helped us have a blast.

3. We had a really non religious wedding but we did a tisch. One of my friends had done this and I just thought it was so special, adding love and excitement right before the ceremony. A tisch is an old Orthodox Jewish tradition where the males and females separate. The females talk about the future, give advice and make toasts in general. I'm not exactly sure what the men do, but this just increased the excitement before walking down the isle. I feel like since we did our first look before the ceremony this gave us time to regroup separately before meeting under the chuppah.

4. Our DIY project was the board where the table assignments were located. I was at home for a dress fitting and was in the garage and found this old giant wooden frame my parents had. It was a little beat up but then we simply just added burlap, string and clothes pins and it was perfect! It fit in with the vibe and made us feel like we were artsy.

5. The bridesmaids dresses: Oh man, I have literally thrown away or left my bridesmaid dress in the hotel room after each wedding I was in...and they were expensive! I wanted the girls to feel pretty on the day. I wanted them to want to keep their dress. I wanted their money to be worth it! So I just gave the girls a color scheme and a length and everyone looked gorgeous. No one was pulling up a strapless dress all night, or squeezing into Spanx. Everyone felt like themselves and I think it showed on the dance floor! No one sat down all night!

6. My bridesmaids' gifts. Everyone makes fun of me because I keep the words "I love you" for only like Dan and my family. I mean I love everyone but those words I like to keep special! So as a gift for all the girls I found these little dishes that said "Je t'aime beaucoup." I really obviously love them all since they were my bridesmaids and wanted to let them all ACTUALLY know.

7. Shoes. Obviously my sneaks. I am so not a high heel wear-er. I can last for maybe an hour and that's all. I literally wore the nikes because they were more comfortable but they stole the show!