Nautical Navy + Peach Chesapeake Bay Wedding
July 21, 2015
Mid Atlantic
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If you're a sucker for classic nautical details with a touch of peachy sweet floral goodness, then prepare to fall in love. Captured by Love By Serena on the summer shoreline of Chesapeake Bay, these sweet nuptials (preceded by an even sweeter mountaintop proposal story!) are the perfect blend of classic, preppy, sweet and dreamy, and I can't stop pouring over every darling detail in the gallery here!
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From Love By Serena... It was November 7th, 2010, and the Baltimore Ravens were taking on the Miami Dolphins at home. JJ went to the game with a co-worker, and after the game, JJ’s coworker convinced him to meet some of his friends for hot wings and a beer at Mothers’ Bar and Grill (aka the purple patio).

Katie was watching the game with friends. She had just moved to Baltimore from Harrisburg, and she was excited to explore this new city! Though she wasn’t the type to go out on a Sunday, her roommates persuaded her to go to the purple patio to meet up with some friends.

After arriving at Mother's, J.J. and his coworker eventually found a table with his coworker's friends. It came up in conversation that their new roommate, Katie, would be joining them in a bit. When Katie arrived and sat down right across from him, J.J. couldn't help but fall in love with her infectious smile.

J.J. and Katie hit it off right away, and they chatted all night. J.J. got her phone number that night and he asked her out for sushi two days later.

After dating for nearly two years, J.J. knew Katie was the one, and bought her engagement ring in early December 2012, but didn’t know exactly how he would propose. He wanted it to be special, and he wanted to get a photo if possible. He had thought about proposing on Christmas, but he figured they would probably be in pajamas which would not make for the best picture in the world! J.J. was stumped, so until he could figure it out, J.J. hid the ring in a cabinet beneath his kitchen table!

J.J. and Katie had been planning to visit one of their favorite couples, Maddie and Billy, who moved from Baltimore to Tucson, AZ in late 2011. In mid-December, J.J. and Katie finally decided to book the flight so they could visit their friends between Christmas and New Years. During discussions with Maddie and Billy, Katie and J.J. had planned to drive up the picturesque Mt. Lemmon at some point during the trip. J.J. determined this would be the perfect place to propose!

On December 30th, the last full day of J.J. and Katie’s trip to Tucson, and the day they had planned to drive up Mt. Lemmon, J.J. shared his plan to propose with Maddie and Billy. They planned to have J.J. to convince Katie to get up on an iconic rock on the mountain for pictures. During the photoshoot, J.J. would bend down on one knee and ask Katie to marry him. Maddie made sure Katie looked beautiful before they left, and Maddie agreed to bring extra cameras.

When they reached the top, JJ and Katie were both nervous. Katie had just been boosted onto this rock with cowboy boots, and she had no idea how she was going to get back down! J.J. was of course afraid of dropping the ring off the mountain. After about 5 takes on the pictures, JJ finally worked up the courage to ask… and she said Yes!

 The rest is history!