Bouquet Breakdown: Colorful Camarillo Estate Wedding Bouquet
July 19, 2015

Even though we all know we're hopeless romantics here at SMP, I'm pretty sure this stunningly lush, springy bouquet could melt even the iciest of hearts. I mean, just look at it! Filled with 26 (!) varieties of the prettiest pastel blooms, we got the full scoop on this beauty from last week's Colorful Camarillo Private Estate Wedding, designed by the equally lovely Crystal Sanford of Heirloom Design House.


Colorful Camarillo Estate Wedding Bouquet

  • 3 Stems 'Bridal Piano' Garden Rose
  • 1 Stem 'Sweet Avalanche' Rose
  • 1 Stem 'White O'Hara' Garden Rose
  • 1 Stem 'Juliet' Garden Rose
  • 1 Stem 'Keira' Garden Rose
  • 2 Stems 'Romantic Antique' Garden Rose
  • 1 Stem 'Caramel Antique' Garden Rose
  • 2 Stems 'Patience' Garden Rose
  • 2-3 Stems 'White Majolika' Spray Rose
  • 1 Stem White Larkspur
  • 1 Stem Light Pink Larkspur
  • 2 Stems Acacia
  • 4-5 Stems Chamomile
  • 2-3 Stems Poppies
  • 2-3 Stems Wax Flower
  • 3 Stems White Ranunculus
  • 2 Stems Blush Ranunculus
  • 2 Stems Pink Ranunculus
  • 2 Stems Blush Japanese Ranunculus
  • 2-3 Stems White Scabiosa
  • 2 Stems Delphinium Belladonna
  • 2 Stems Pieris Japonica
  • 1 Stem Sterling Range
  • 4-5 Stems Misty Blue Limonium
  • 3-4 Stems Seeded Eucalyptus
  • 4-5 Stems Italian Pittosporum
  • 1 Strand Each of Frou Frou Chic Ribbon in Rose, Ivorie and Amanda

From Crystal Sanford... My dear friend Lizzie has one of the most joyful and sweet personalities and I wanted her bouquet to reflect that.  We had so much fun dreaming up her flowers for her wedding day together.  Although Lizzie had a very clear vision of what she wanted the overall outcome to be, she gave me a few key words to help us through the brainstorming process: romantic, relaxed, soft, and cheerful.  Beyond a few specific flower requests, she gave me so much freedom to capture her essence in flora.  Since she showed me a lot of inspiration images of what she liked, I also had her show me things she didn’t like so I had a very clear idea of what she wanted.  Ultimately she gave me the freedom and trusted me to create something unique to her and Caleb. 

I love creating texture and movement in my floral designs and Lizzie’s wedding was no exception.  For this particular wedding I chose a wide variety of flowers and foliage, 49 different varieties to be exact(!)… 26 of which were included in her bouquet.  Using such a variety can sometimes lead to a muddled mess, so I like to focus on the placement of each bloom.  I like to think of each floral arrangement as a painting of sorts, like a composition.  Each flower is so special in itself that I never try to force it into a certain position but rather continue to move it until it is in the perfect spot to shine. 


Floral Design: Heirloom Design House | Photography: Michael Radford